Van insurance claim - can I reclaim loss of earnings?

My van hit a bicycle lying on the motorway, in the dark, that had fallen off the back of a car in front. Two tyres blew out and the van sustained some cosmetic damage to the bumper and bodywork. Fortunately the driver who had lost the bike, stopped and we exchanged insurance details. Although I expect the claim to be treated as not my fault, I suffered various additional costs over and above the necessary repairs - including loss of a day`s earnings while the vehicle was made roadworthy. How should I claim for these consequential losses? My insurer's process seems geared towards only repairing the vehicle.

Asked on 2 January 2020 by Tristan Compton

Answered by Tim Kelly
As the incident is not your fault, your entitlement is here. your insurer looks after your "insured" losses, this being the damage to your vehicle, a claim will need to be made via your legal assistance cover( if you have it) or via a claims management company or a solicitor to claim for your "uninsured losses".
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