Top 10 tips for buying a used van

Buying used is the easiest and cheapest route into your next van or pick-up. However, how do you protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and dodgy van dealers? 

Click through the gallery below to discover the 10 golden rules to buying the perfect used workhorse.

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Do your research

Knowing the market is the only way to know if something is too good to be true. Once you’ve established what you need from your van/pick-up, and what your budget is, do plenty of looking around, both online and at dealerships, to see what’s available.

Vans of a similar type, age and mileage will fit into a similar price bracket, and if there’s something specific you’ve seen, a pricing site will give you value using only the registration. You can also use the pricing tool to get a snapshot of average values. Always aim to buy the best you can afford.


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