Car Crime Census 2013: Top 5 least stolen van manufacturers

Whether it's a case of strong security or simply not being an attractive target to thieves, certain brands fare well when it comes to evading the criminals spotlight. Often it's the case that few numbers of registered vehicles means few thefts, but that's not the same for all small volume van brands - Suzuki and Daihatsu are among the most stolen brands.

As with our top 5 most stolen van manufacturers we haven't set any minimum numbers so this is a pure list covering everything from the big volume sellers to the smaller van brands - some of which don't actually sell vans anymore.

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SEAT - 0.05% theft rate

What is Spanish firm SEAT doing here you may ask? Well several years ago they did sell a van, the SEAT Inca which was basically a rebadged version of the Volkswagen Caddy. While the Caddy is still going strong, SEAT has switched to focussing on cars. There are relatively few Inca models left on the roads and it's not on many thieves radar either, with a very low theft rate.


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