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The MoT Files 2017: 10 best vans for passing the first MoT in the UK

According to the Government’s MoT figures, these vans and pick-ups are the top of the class when it comes to passing the first-test-at-three years. That’s good news for operators who want a capable commercial vehicle, with low maintenance costs.

As with the 10 worst vans, this data is sourced directly from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) figures and covers all three year old vans (registered in 2013) that had their first MoT in 2016. 

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Isuzu D-Max - 80.1% pass rate

Like the Hi-Lux, the D-Max is considered by many operators to be a tough and reliable commercial vehicle. This reputation is backed up by strong MoT performance, with eight out of 10 passing at the first MoT. 

Brake wear is traditionally high on pick-ups, but the D-Max bucks this trend with around three per cent of models failing on this issue. Tyre problems are also rare, with the Isuzu's MoT performance being 55 per cent better than average for a light commercial vehicle. 

Click here to see the Isuzu D-Max's MoT File

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