The MoT Files 2017: 10 worst vans for passing the first MoT

There are few things more disappointing than seeing your pride and joy score a big fat fail at its first MoT. Yet, for thousands of van owners, the first test at three years will present a series of costly problems.

We’ve crunched the Government numbers to uncover vans with the lowest MoT pass rates at the first test. This data is based on Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) figures and covers all three-year-old vans (registered in 2013) that had a minimum of 3000 MoT tests in 2016. 

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Citroen Dispatch - 65.6% pass rate

The Dispatch's MoT pass rate is 24 per cent worse than the national average for vans registered in 2013 with lighting and brakes being the two most-common failure points. Tyres and drive shafts also struggle for this French-built van at the first MoT.  

Headlight failure appears to be a particular problem on the Dispatch, with its failure rate being 140 per cent higher than the average for vans registered in 2013. 

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