Essential knowledge: The Volkswagen T6 Transporter

Volkswagen has revealed the new T6 Transporter van, with new engines, improved economy and uprated safety kit. HonestJohn Vans got unrestricted access to the new T6 at its launch in Amsterdam.

Click through the gallery below to get the complete lowdown on the new Transporter van. 

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Upgraded four-wheel drive capability

Like the T5 model, the new Transporter will get the option of 4Motion four-wheel drive. We're told the system has been given a complete overhaul, with improved sensors to detect loss of traction and upgraded torque delivery to each wheel. 

Hill descent control will be fitted and, like the Land Rover system, it will make it easier to descend steep inclines by limiting the vehicle's engine speed and activating braking to ensure a safe and controlled descent.


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