Top 10 cheap vans you can buy today

We’ve searched the market to find the cheapest new vans for sale today. From pick-ups to panels, these bargain new vans for sale provide the best balance between everyday usability and money-saving value. 

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Ford Transit Courier

From: £9490

We're big fans of the Ford Transit Courier. In fact, it's one of our favourite compact vans. All Couriers are good to drive and there is wide selection of petrol and diesel engines. Despite its compact dimensions, the Transit Courier is a surprisingly capable carrier for tools, materials and cargo. The load length spans a useful 1.6 metres, which means all versions will carry a Euro pallet weighing up to 660kg. 

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CarloMTice    on 27 August 2021

Hi, I also want to buy a van for m dad but I didn't have that much money so I am looking for the cheapest van. And I am glad that I found it in your post. Well, I am also looking for military discount in las vegas, If you know any best site where I can get it then please let me know.

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