Top 10 cheap vans you can buy today

We’ve searched the market to find the cheapest new vans for sale today. From pick-ups to panels, these bargain new vans for sale provide the best balance between everyday usability and money-saving value. 

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Fiat Doblo Cargo

From: £9400

The Fiat Doblo Cargo is a compact van that majors on value and versatility. New vans can be found for under £10,000 and there is a huge choice of body styles, carrying capacities and load volumes. The most frugal versions will return an advertised 68.9mpg while peak payloads exceed one tonne. 

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CarloMTice    on 27 August 2021

Hi, I also want to buy a van for m dad but I didn't have that much money so I am looking for the cheapest van. And I am glad that I found it in your post. Well, I am also looking for military discount in las vegas, If you know any best site where I can get it then please let me know.

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