Vauxhall Combo (2002–2012)

What's good

Five-speed manual standard on all.

One Combo recorded 505,000 miles.

15-12-2016: Haynes Guide now available for Vauxhall Combo vans 2001 to 2012.

What's bad

With the 1.3 CDTI (Fiat 1.25 Multijet) engine fitted with a diesel particulate filter, what can happen is that excess diesel fuel that was supposed to burn hotter and regenerate the DPF does not and instead seeps into the sump, gradually raising the level of sump oil to the point that the engine starts to run on it, cannot be stopped and therefore self-destructs. 

1.4 16v Twinport engines suffering same problem of camshaft bolts coming adrift as 1.2 16v Twinport engines in Corsas. Seem to have been traced to a batch from the engine plant in Spain and the engine numbers all begin with 19F*****

4-12-2013: Typical problem of 1.3 Multijet with DPF, experienced by the Post Office amongst many other users, is loss of power, black smoke, instrument spanner light on. If this happens it is essential to stop and check the oil level because fuel introduced to the engine to clean out the ECU will have sunk into the sump, raaing its oil level and, since this is a compression ignition engine, it could start running on its own sump oil until it blows up. May be possible to have the DPF cleaned by the Ceramex process at a Unipart or Alliance car centre. The DPF CANNOT legally be removed. Many outfits offer a DPF removal service because DPFs are not yet routinely checked in MoTs, but because it is already illegal to remove them prohibition certificates could be issued at any time.

Recall 12-03-2006:Water ingress into abs wiring may cause a short circuit and a fire. 

Recall 10-09-2007: Steering control may be lost on cars build dates 01-08-2007 - 01-08-2007. Steering arm to be checked and replaced if necessary.

What does a Vauxhall Combo (2002 – 2012) cost?