Top 10: Classic AA Vehicles

In 1905 the AA was established to 'combat police persecution of early motorists'. It began with a group of cycle 'scouts' who patrolled some of the most frequently travelled roads of the day. Early AA cycle scouts used their own bicycles, for which they were paid an allowance.

In 1912 the AA took to motor transport with motorcycles, initially for Inspectors. Motorbikes with sidecars became standard issue for AA patrols and it wasn't intil 1949 that the association moved to four-wheels with the Land Rover becoming one of its first vehicles.

Motorcycle combinations were phased out in 1968 and the AA moved to vans with the Minivan its most recognisable vehicle. Since then it has used a host of makes and models as the basis for patrol and recovery vehicles. So here are some classic AA motors.

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1974 Bedford J3 Transporter

The AA launched its Relay service in 1973, as an extra to the standard AA breakdown cover with the Bedford J3 used as a mainstay in the fleet of 150 trucks. The first J3 vehicles the AA acquired were actually from a cancelled export order to Saudi Arabia. This may explain why they were powered by a 3.3-litre 6-cylinder petrol engine, taken from top-of-the-range Vauxhall cars of the time. 

Despite economy of 11mpg and the fact that drivers learnt that excessive use of the accelerator could send the metal engine cooling fan through the bonnet, it was used throughout the 1970s.


   on 29 January 2017

I have a Series 2a Landrover. Did the AA modify the 109 pickup with an unit on top of the tub?


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