Top 10: Petrol vans

Petrol-powered vans have come a long way over the past few years, with many matching the torque and payload ratings of their diesel counterparts, which is good news for city-based drivers who don't cover enough miles to justify a modern diesel. 

Not only will a petrol van save you any expensive diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues, bit it could also improve your daily drive with improved refinement and performance. Fuel costs are also surprisingly affordable.

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Click through the gallery below to see our pick of the 10 best petrol-powered vans 

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Citroen Berlingo

Inexpensive to buy new and cheap to run, the Citroen Berlingo is one of the most affordable and durable vans on market. All are good to drive and comfortable, which makes them popular with builders, electrical engineers and delivery drivers. There is only one petrol engine in the Berlingo line-up, a 1.6-litre VTI with 100PS – and admittedly it’s not the quickest petrol van that you’ll ever see, but its modest 152Nm of torque will still shift payloads up to 675kg. 

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Christopher haygarth    on 14 May 2017

What a load of rubbish. My diesel won't even get 50mpg! These manufacturers need fineing over their miss selling figures! Articles like this do not give true real world mpg quotes.... Your real mpg section confirms this

Edited by Christopher haygarth on 14/05/2017 at 19:23

Colin Lennox    on 28 July 2017

My Bellingo van gauge says I'm getting 55 mpg but only getting 38 these vehicles are tested on 30 mph track this gives false readings this is false as my salesman told me it does 55 false information should me investigated colin

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