Volkswagen T6 Transporter (2015–)

What's good

Even more refined and car-like to drive than before.

Most economical 102PS Euro 6 diesel engine is also the best.

Hugely flexible thanks to large range of body configurations.

Lots of standard equipment.

What's bad

Lacking legroom up front which hampers the driving position.

Most powerful 180PS engine strangely lacks punch.

2-12-2016: Total failure of 2.0 TDI 102 engine of 10 week old 2016 T6 camper reported due to failure of EGR valve causing coolant to be drawn into the block. 

23-9-2017: Explanation for the high rate of failure of failure of 2.0 180 BiTDI engines in T6 Transporter and Amarok. "Oil light came on at end of lease. No leaks, so the engine must be burning the oil. Owner had an oil sample tested by Millers Oils and this showed the oil to have critical amounts of Al and Fe. The Al came from the corroding EGR cooler, the Fe is the cylinder bores being worn by the Al particles that have got into the engine. In short a new engine and ancillaries is required at a cost of £8,000. There is a Facebook page with over 1,000 Members devoted to the failings of the 180 BiTDI engine - it is only this engine that suffers. One chap in Norway runs a fleet of 30 ambulances and every one has needed a new engine. The EGR cooler is poorly designed - hot air condenses on unprotected aluminium, causing it to corrode. VW has brought out a revised cooler but it is too early to say if it is successful. And once an engine starts to burn oil through worn cylinder bores, the damage has been done." 

28-10-2017: Report of 2.0 205 BiTDI engine failure in 4WD DSG T6 California campervan originally costing over £50,000 in October 2016. Two days after its first service at 13,000 miles it failed to start. The VW dealer has diagnosed the usual problem with the EGR valve which caused coolant to leak into the engine which needs replacing together with the valve and other parts: apparently £7k worth of work, all under warranty. 

28-11-2018: Report of "constant string of breakdowns" of 2016 T6 Transporter, including one engine, amongt many other things. "Real horror story, last time it was collected it managed 7.5 miles before heading back to the dealer on a recovery truck."

9-1-2019: Report of emissions system problem with 2016/66 Volkswagen T6 Transporter EU6 model with SCR. Now at 17,000 mies, from 425 miles the catalytic converter light has been on. Sometimes but not very often it goes off but will come on again. The van has been into Volkswagen under warranty on numerous occasions but they have failed to rectify the fault. Owner told that the problem has been referred to Volkswagen who hope to come up with a software update. AdBlue light now also coming on.

13-3-2019: Report fom reader who just took delivery of a brand new VW T6 camper van from Bilbos in South Godstone. £73,000, so not cheap. "Drove it home, 39 miles on the clock. Invited friends round to admire it. It wouldn't start at first, then coolant light came on, and nasty smell of burnt diesel, rough sounds, etc. Contacted the company, it was suggested that I drive it the ten or so miles to the VW garage, which I wasn't happy to do, and the car was collected the next day on a low loader. There was a fault on the EGR and coolant was leaking into the second cylinder. The garage were in contact with VW Germany, and the EGR has been replaced." Offered £200 in vouchers as compensation. 

11-5-2019: Report of 2016 Volkswagen T6 TDI campervan, 16 plate now 18,000 miles having needed three replacement EGR coolers and now requiring a fourth (happily under a free extended warranty). See: 23-9-2017.

What does a Volkswagen T6 Transporter (2015) cost?