Citroen Dispatch Review 2024

Citroen Dispatch At A Glance


+Excellent official fuel economy figures, useful hi-tech features, smooth and refined drive.

-Automatic gearbox restricted to two engine variants, no high-roof option.

Developed as part of a joint venture between Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota, the new Dispatch provides significant improvements over the outgoing model, with higher carrying capacities, lower running costs and improved refinement. 

The Dispatch will carry a maximum payload of 1400kg and will easily move up to three Euro pallets in one go. The new van is also capable of towing 2.5 tonnes when hooked up to a braked trailer, which is 500kg more than the old van. It’s available in van, crew van and chassis cab bodystyles. 

Engines range from 1.6-litre to 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesels, with power outputs ranging from 95PS to 180PS, with automatic transmission optional on the entry-level motor and mandatory on the highest power output. All will return more than 50mpg on paper, with Citroen claiming 55.4mpg for the best-performing 1.6 BlueHDi 115. This gives the Dispatch a significant on-paper running cost advantage over rivals from Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall and Mercedes-Benz.

Three body lengths are available - M, XL and XS. In its smallest wheelbase, the Dispatch will carry lengths of 3.3m, but this increases to 4.0m in the XS versions. The interior has a clean look, with all models providing a central seven-inch touchscreen as standard. It also has a ‘mirror screen’ function, compatible with Mirror Link and Apple CarPlay technology, allowing certain smartphone apps to be accessed and controlled from the van’s dashboard screen.

The Dispatch gets a number of new features over the old model, with hands-free sliding doors that can be accessed with a simple foot motion. The loadspace bulkhead also gets a handy flap at the base, allowing you to utilise the vehicle's full length by sliding pipes, planks of wood or a ladder under the front passenger's seat.

The cabin gets more car-like features, with an optional seven-inch TomTom touchscreen displaying navigation and traffic alerts. All Experts get two seats as standard, while higher spec models get the option of three. Crew cab versions to carry up to six.

Cheap to run, comfortable and extremely practical, the Dispatch improves on its predecessor on every level. Admittedly, some might criticise the lack of high-roof option, but Citroen's medium-sized van remains one of the best in its segment for day-to-day usability and costs.

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Ask Honest John

Cam belt has snapped on my Citroen Dispatch van - who should pay for the repairs?

"I purchased a used Citroen Dispatch four months ago from a dealer. The van is a 2017 model and has 74,000 miles on the clock. Today, the cam belt snapped and caused considerable engine damage. Can I claim the cost of the repair from the dealer that sold me the van?"
I think you have strong grounds to argue that the cam belt problem was developing at the time of sale. I'd suggest taking the van back to the dealer and asking them to put this right. If they refuse, seek legal advice. Citizens Advice is a good place to start their legal help is free.
Answered by Dan Powell

What's the best thing to use for underbody protection?

"I have just bought a new Citroen Dispatch van to convert to a campervan. I want to keep it for the long haul and am interested in topping up the manufacturers corrosion protection for the underbody with whatever is best these days. What do you advise?"
Before doing anything, I'd recommend speaking with the dealer who sold you the van to find out what the manufacturer’s corrosion protection is. The van might already have an underseal and adding something to the underbody might cause a reaction that will damage it or trap moisture. Any wax or oil-based underseal should protect the underbody, but get the dealer to provide a list of products that are compatible with what's already there. For the exterior, I'd use Autoglym High Definition Wax.
Answered by Dan Powell
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