Best large vans 2024

Large vans are big business in the UK, with the 2.5-tonne and over market accounting for more than half of all new van sales. So if you're after the best large van, there's plenty of choice.

Many of those sales are to fleet customers but there is still demand from small businesses and individual operators who require a large van with additional cargo space, one that’s ideal for towing or converting into a mobile workshop, or even equipping with bespoke bodywork.

Large vans are also the basis for most camper van conversions, as well as minibuses and patient transport vehicles for community groups, so multi-purpose is very much the name of the game.

Here are the best large vans on sale right now, many of which are also offered as electric models.

 Best large vans



Mercedes Sprinter

Powerful and rugged, yet refined and comfortable, the Mercedes Sprinter has long been a benchmark by which other large vans are judged. Offered with myriad options including three different body lengths, two roof heights and a range of supported conversions, it’s a superb van that does everything you ask of it and more. Diesel engines are the most popular but an array of Mercedes eSprinter models are available if you'd prefer to go fully electric.

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Ford Transit

It’s the oldest model in the Ford Transit range, but the large panel van range remains very popular. It’s a competent and capable van designed for a purpose, but that doesn’t stop it from being great to drive, with decent handling and a strong engine range, including the fully electric Ford E-Transit. Fleets love them, which means there’s a lot of used choice for smaller businesses.

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Renault Master

The Renault Master is one of the most advanced large vans on the market, as well as being one of the most adaptable. With some mild styling differences, the same van is also sold as the Nissan Interstar. Offered with a wide range of body and engine choices including an excellent Renault Master E-Tech electric model, it’s especially popular with converters. The latest version has a high-tech cabin and an excellent driver assistance package.

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Vauxhall Movano

Now based on the same body as the Citroen Relay, the Fiat Ducato, the popular Peugeot Boxer and Toyota Proace Max, the Vauxhall Movano has had an identity crisis since the end of Vauxhall’s alliance with Renault. The latest iteration is a competent van with an advanced infotainment system a good equipment levels, but feels quite old in some areas. Nevertheless, the Vauxhall Movano Electric provides a contemporary option for those who don't require a diesel engine.

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Volkswagen Crafter

Smart and clinically styled, the Volkswagen Crafter’s 2024 facelift brings it bang up to date alongside lots of newer rivals. It also has a more advanced cabin with much improved infotainment and driver convenience features, while two body lengths and heights are on offer, along with a selection of approved conversions. Currently, it's a diesel-only range, the previous electric Volkswagen e-Crafter being discontinued a couple of years ago, but VW has indicated an improved version will return.

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Fiat Ducato

It may be an old-stager but the Fiat Ducato’s 2024 revisions have kept it competitive, especially in the realms of technology where it has received a raft of updated features such as an advanced touchscreen, wireless charging technology and a new suite of driver assistance features, which should help it retain its dominant position in the camper van converter market. As with its near-identical relations, the Citroen Relay, the Peugeot Boxer, Toyota Proace Max and Vauxall Movano, the Fiat is sold in both diesel and electric Fiat e-Ducato formats.

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Maxus Deliver 9

There are a number of places in and around the Maxus Deliver 9 where you can see that it has been built to a price, but if you don’t mind a few harsh plastics and a slightly noisy engine, it’s a very capable van. Those minor weaknesses can be overlooked thanks to highly competitive pricing and a small business-focused dealer network. Plus, there's always the option of improving refinement levels by choosing the electric Maxus eDeliver 9, instead.

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Citroen Relay

Sharing its platform and engine range with the Fiat Ducato, Toyota Proace Max, Peugeot Boxer and the Vauxhall Movano, the Citroen Relay is mostly focused on fleets – it’s a large and capable van with a huge load area, strong engine range and high-tech cabin, but the ride is a bit choppy and the styling appears dated, despite a 2024 facelift. Nevertheless, it's following market trends by complementing the diesel options with the fully electric Citroen e-Relay models.

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Peugeot Boxer

Peugeot’s offering in the big van market comes in three body lengths and two roof heights, with a choice of diesel and electric power for the Peugeot E-Boxer. The basic architecture of the van shows its age as it dates back to 2006, but the cabin was heavily revised and lots of new technology introduced in 2024. It’s essentially the same as similar large vans badged as the Citroen Relay, the Fiat Ducato, Toyota Proace Max and Vauxhall Movano, so price and dealer proximity will be determining factors in the buying choice.

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Nissan Interstar

With the 2024 launch of the third-generation Interstar, Nissan was given a highly credible large van option. Based on the diesel and electric Renault Master but with a smaller range of trim levels, options and ready-made conversions, the Nissan Interstar is nevertheless a highly competent and technologically advanced contender, with refinement to rival a Mercedes Sprinter and an impressive suite of driver assistance systems.

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Which is the most reliable large van?

The go-to large van for businesses that tend to cover massive mileages, as well as the majority of supermarket delivery operators, is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Its excellent reputation is not without foundation. 

What is the best selling large van in the UK?

The large van market in the UK is dominated by the full-size Ford Transit, with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter second in the sales charts. 

What is the difference between a large van and a medium van?

The large van market consists of vans with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. Some large vans are also offered in larger GVWs of 5.5 and 7.5t but these require a C1 licence to drive. Medium vans are 2-2.5 tonnes.