Tomorrow’s World: Why smart vans and mobile offices are the future

There was a time when the phrase “mobile office“ meant a leaky old portacabin or wooden shed on a building site. Today, however, the phrase applies to modern vans. 

The Nissan e-NV200 WorkSpace is perhaps the best example of how the humble van can be transformed into a mobile office. Produced as a concept vehicle, in partnership with UK-based design workshop Studio Hardie, it shows how the smart vans of the future will make it easier to work remotely, stay in touch with the office and make a brew...

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The office on wheels

Many modern vans boast ‘mobile office’ capabilities, but the e-NV200 WorkSpace takes this a step further with its built-in desk, office chairs, computer and wifi making it easy to work remotely. Obviously, few office workers are going to sit in the back of a van, from 9-5, but the concept has much more significance for engineers, electricians and industrial technicians. 

For example, smart vans will allow electricians to use wireless connectivity to perform diagnostic tests without having to get out of their vehicle. Engineers will also be able to check emails and stay in touch with the office. Bespoke vans, with built-in tech, are already in use by large broadband suppliers and power companies, but in the future all vans will boast this tech as standard. 


KristinR012    on 1 November 2022

There is nothing like a modern vehicle to make your life easier. Smart vans allow you to store all of your supplies, equipment and furniture in one room rather than having to move everything from place to place. Also you can visit for the new ways of study. They also eliminate the need for multiple workers since one person can operate them alone. For instance, businesses can adapt their business models without commuting to different places every day.

Sindy Loewe    on 5 November 2022

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LRuff745    on 22 November 2022

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Smart vans and mobile offices are designed to be technologically advanced. They often include features like to vsit on site for high-speed internet connectivity, integrated power outlets, smart devices, and communication tools. This enables seamless connectivity and ensures individuals have access to the necessary resources for work.

CHeide011    on 8 August 2023

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"Tomorrow's World: Why Smart Vans and Mobile Offices Are the Future" explores the growing Trucker Cap trend of integrating advanced technology and connectivity features into vans and vehicles to create efficient mobile workspaces.

fepewa1    on 27 September 2023

Smart vans and mobile offices represent the future of efficient, flexible work environments. These innovative vehicles are equipped with advanced technology, enabling professionals to seamlessly conduct business on the move. I say you can get gousto customer service and learn more information about the Furniture. With high-speed internet connectivity, power sources, and ergonomic workspaces, they cater to diverse industries, from delivery services to remote work hubs. As our work landscape evolves, these mobile solutions offer an exciting glimpse into a more agile and connected future.

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