Ford Tourneo Custom (2013 – 2024) Review

Ford Tourneo Custom (2013 – 2024) At A Glance


+Nine seats as standard, refined and quiet 2.0 TDCi engine, rides very well, quality feel to the cabin, rear seats are comfortable and can all be removed if needed.

-Folding the seats to get to the rearmost row isn't the smoothest of operations, not available with electric rear doors.

It's all change for Ford's new Tourneo Custom with a new look, better engines and big improvements in refinement. Whereas the previous model was seen as something of a taxi workhorse, Ford is hoping this latest version, with its more upmarket interior, will appeal to those considering a Volkswagen Caravelle or perhaps the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

That's a tough ask but if any manufacturer is capable of rivalling those two, it's Ford. The new Transit Custom is the best van in its class so the Tourneo Custom has a strong foundation. A nine-seater that comes in standard or long wheelbase, the Tourneo Custom has what it takes to cut it as a private hire vehicle, but there's also appeal for family buyers with several kids who want a big and practical mover.

The Tourneo Custom is a bit more than just a Transit with seats in the back. The rear is fully trimmed like a car with carpeting throughout and high quality comfortable seats. On top models they come with leather upholstery and usefully there are three sets of Isofix mounts. There are handy extras too like integrated rear sunblinds and separate ventilation for those in the back.

There is of course plenty of headroom - this is based on a van after all - and lots of legroom in both rows. That said, getting to the third row isn't that easy as the seat folding mechanism isn't the smoothest. Boot space is plentiful as you'd expect though plus you can fold down or remove the rear seats if you need extra space.

Driving the Tourneo Custom is easy and relaxing. The 2.2 TDCi engine is quiet and refined with the top 155PS version offering strong pulling power. It's also economical with a claimed 43.5mpg for all models. Considering its considerable size and bulk, the Tourneo Custom handles impressively well with the precise steering making it keen in corners. It also rides smoothly, dealing very well with rough road surfaces.

In 2017 Ford replaced the 2.2 TDCi with the 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engine and added a six-speed automatic gearbox to the range for the first time. The four-cylinder diesel gets more power and lower emissions, while motorway refinement is also enhanced with less noise and more mid-gear acceleration.

It may not have the image of a V-Class or following of a Caravelle, but the Tourneo Custom is a strong rival for both. Helped by its classy and well finished cabin it feels a quality vehicle and is a big step up from its predecessor.

Ask Honest John

Does a car previously being a taxi affect its used value?

"I have had a 2018 Ford Tourneo Custom for the past 2 and half years. It is a lovely van and we have looked after it (regularly serviced and cleaned). The only issue is, it was a taxi for the first 2 and half years after it was registered. However when we bought it, it only had 28,000 miles on the clock and now it has 54,000. How much does it being a taxi affect the sales price and what do you recommend the best way of selling it? Motorway.Com will not help me sell it, even thought it has a full service history. "
Although the condition of your Tourneo sounds good, it is fair to say that taxis lead a harder life than conventional cars as they tend to be worked hard, frequently driven in traffic and have to deal with lots of passengers and luggage, which typically affects their value. Car purchasing companies typically do not offer the best prices, so to get the most value for your money we would suggest selling privately. It is important to be honest about your Tourneo, but a good buyer will see the good condition and low mileage. Look at other examples for sale online to get an idea for a suitable price.
Answered by David Ross

Best seven-seater?

"Which is the best seven-seater for carrying adults? "
If you want a car that will carry seven adults in comfort then you'll need a van-based people carrier like the Ford Tourneo Custom, Volkswagen Multivan or Vauxhall Vivaro Life.
Answered by Dan Powell

What is the best used seven-seater under £15,000?

"I need a larger car. I have two young children and will soon have newborn twins. Please can you recommend a suitable seven-seater? I would prefer an SUV, I currently have a 2015 Honda CR-V and love it. But am realistic that an MPV is maybe the most practical. I also drive 15k miles per annum with work so reliability (and low maintenance costs) are important."
I think a van-based MPV will be the best option. A seven-seat SUV will give you practicality for your family to travel in comfort, but the third row of seats (which rise up from the boot floor) will reduce storage space to near zero. A van-based MPV will give you seven-seats and a useable boot, which will carry pushchairs and overnight bags. I would recommend something based on a medium-size van, like the Ford Tourneo Custom, Toyota Proace Verso or Volkswagen Caravelle.
Answered by Dan Powell

I'm looking for a large car/van that can take six people, as well as large pieces of furniture - what do you advise?

"I'm looking for a large, economical car/van that I can have up to six children in, as well as bikes, dogs etc. I also need to use it for transporting my furniture to sell at fairs. I've been looking at Volkswagen Transporters. My budget is £13,000. What would you recommend? "
Nothing beats a van-based MPV for space. Unfortunately, when it comes to the largest vans, they’re highly sought-after by taxi firms and a budget of £13,000 might limit your options to old and unloved vans that might provide more mechanical problems than they’re worth. For me, the Ford Transit Custom is the best van-based MPV you can get, owing to the fact it’s large, easy to drive and promises up to 43.5mpg according to the official figures: The Volkswagen T5 Caravelle is a good van, but has lots more reported problems compared to the Ford. With a budget of £13,000, I’d be tempted to look at something a bit smaller like the Grand Tourneo Connect or Volkswagen Caddy Life. Both are efficient, practical and have seven seats. Admittedly, you might struggle to carry six children and bikes at the same time, but you could get around that by investing in a good bike carrier: For all of the best van-based MPVs, see:
Answered by Dan Powell
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