Ford Transit Review 2024

Ford Transit At A Glance


+More refined and better to drive than many of its rivals, impressive interior quality, powered by excellent range of diesel engines.

-Other vans offer more overall loadspace, 2.0 EcoBlue engine needs frequent AdBlue changes.

Backbone of Britain. That was the previous Transit's claim to fame and one that was very true. It's nigh on impossible to complete any journey without seeing a Transit van and it continues to prove by far the most popular van choice - in fact it's Ford's third best selling model in the UK after the Fiesta and Focus.

So a new model is always going to make big waves. And this new Transit does just that. For starters Ford has split the range so that the smaller one-tonne model is now called Transit Custom with the traditional Transit name reserved for the larger two-tonne models. Compared to its predecessor this Transit is now far more refined and comfortable, plus it's better to drive helped by a new stiffer platform.

The interior is a huge step forward with a car-like layout and impressive comfort. The quality has markedly improved and it's now good enough to match the likes of the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It's functional too with good storage and plenty of space for both driver and passengers.

Power comes from a 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine with three outputs, 100PS, 125PS and 155PS, all linked to a positive shifting six-speed transmission as standard. Front, rear and all-wheel drive variants are available. The engine is powerful with plenty of torque yet it's impressively refined with little noise while better sound insulation makes the Transit very quiet on the motorway. Economy is better too with the best Econetic models averaging a claimed 44.1mpg.

In 2017 Ford replaced the 2.2 TDCi with the EcoBlue diesel engine and added a six-speed automatic gearbox to the range for the first time. Power outputs were also increased to 105PS, 130PS and 170PS. 

There are a huge number of model variants - 450 in total - with three different lengths and two different roof heights. The side load doors are now wider while more vertical body sides make the load area more usable plus all panel vans come with an integrated high-grip rear bumper step too. The biggest Transit Jumbo can carry a maximum of 15.1 cubic metres although rivals like the Volkswagen Crafter can carry more. Alongside the panel van there are double cab-in-van version, chassis cabs and the minibus range.

Ford has succeeded in improving the Transit in all the key areas making it an even better van. Yet its not lost touch with the key features that have made its predecessors so popular. It's still practical, functional and robust but now has impressive refinement and a higher quality feel.

Ask Honest John

I'm buying a used Ford Transit - how do I check the service history?

"I'm looking at a 36,000 mile 2019 Ford Transit which has been a company vehicle. The seller says it was a lease vehicle with Enterprise and possibly an ex-utility company. Is it right that the dealer won't have any previous service records from the lease company and that if I was to buy the van I could obtain this information directly from the lease company? It looks okay and seems to drive well but I just want a reliable van. Would you consider this van?"
It's very common for leasing companies such as Enterprise to maintain their own vehicles, especially when they're on long-term lease to other companies. Indeed, the history of this Ford Transit seems quite normal. Enterprise should hold a record of the maintenance history of the van but we'd corroborate the story with the vendor before agreeing to buy it. If you're buying from a dealer then there are levels of protection in place to ensure you are not ripped off - if the dealer says it has a service history then it must be sold with one. It sounds here like the dealer is being ambiguous as the only way you can get this is from the leasing company. That said, it really is very common for ex-lease and rental vans to be maintained at the leasing companies' own service and repair depots. On its own, it wouldn't be a reason to discount a van if its otherwise well-prepared and in good order.
Answered by Craig Cheetham

Can I retrofit air con to my Ford Transit van?

"I have a 2017 Ford Transit camper van that came without aircon. With the recent warm weather, it is a pretty hot and sticky ride. Do you know of any companies[ that can offer an aftermarket fitment?"
Sadly we don't have enough reader feedback in this area to provide a recommendation. But I do know it's a big job, which will probably set you back £2000+ before VAT. I'd suggest speaking to an independent Ford specialist in your local area. Our Good Garage Guide should be able to help you with this:
Answered by Dan Powell

Van doors don’t shut independently, is this an MoT failure?

"Would it be an MoT failure if the underlying rear door on a Ford Transit van doesn’t latch properly independently? The overlying rear door latches and locks perfectly ( so all secure when driving). I can’t see why it should be a problem as to become unsafe, the other latch would have to fail… and surely if we were to worry about individual latches failing, then all vehicles doors could be considered unsafe?"
I suspect this will be an MoT failure. The MoT rules stipulate that the vehicle must fail the MoT if the door will not open using the relevant control or close properly. The van will also be failed if a door hinge, catch or pillar is excessively deteriorated or insecure.
Answered by Dan Powell

Why won't my Transit rev above 3000rpm?

"I have a 2016 Ford Transit. The fuel filter light came on and a message said it’s blocked. It won't rev above 3000rpm. I changed the fuel filter this morning but it still won’t rev above 3000rpm?"
This reads like a DPF (diesel particulate filter) issue: It may be full of ash. Or require cleaning if the van is only used for short trips.
Answered by Dan Powell
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