The MoT Files: Top 10 vans and pick-ups for passing the test

A failed MoT can be a costly nightmare for van drivers. Not only will it put your vehicle off the road leaving you without a works vehicle, but the repair costs can run into the thousands and dent your profits. That's why Honest John Vans has crunched the official numbers to uncover the most reliable vans and pick-ups for passing the MoT. 

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This data is based on MoT test results from the DVSA - Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency - and covers 2014 registered vehicles having their first MoT in 2017.


Volkswagen Amarok – 84.2% MoT pass rate

The Amarok sails through its MoT test, with excellent pass rates for both tyre and brake wear. Suspension problems - a bugbear for many pick-ups, due to the weight they often carry - is also reassuringly low here, with a failure rate that’s lower than one per cent across all three-year-old Amaroks.

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Ford Ranger – 81.0% MoT pass rate

It might be the UK’s best-selling pick-up, but the Ranger can’t match its German rival when it comes to the MoT. Pass rates are generally good, with tyre and brake wear being up to 50 per cent better than average. But suspension issues drag the overall score down with leaf spring wear being eight times worse than other 2014 pick-ups.

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Toyota Hilux – 80.9% MoT pass rate

Given its steadfast reputation for reliability, some might be surprised to see the Toyota Hilux in third place when it comes to MoT pass rates. However, steering problems and suspension wear prevent the Hilux’s average from climbing any higher than 80.9 per cent. That said, eight out of 10 still pass at the first time of asking, which is impressive nonetheless. 

Click here to see the Toyota Hilux's MoT file


Isuzu D-Max– 80.5% MoT pass rate

The D-Max’s MoT score would be higher, if it were not for hundreds of models failing due to a relatively small fog light defect. That aside, the Isuzu is a strong MoT performer with low failure rates for exhaust, fuel and emissions. Brake and tyre wear are also low, with the D-Max performing up to 43 per cent better than average.

Click here to see the Isuzu D-Max's MoT file


Mercedes-Benz Vito – 79.1% MoT pass rate

The Vito is the best panel van for passing the first MoT with a respectable 79 per cent pass rate. Failures for lighting, electrical equipment and suspension are all notably lower than average, which means a typical owner can be rest assured that a three-year-old Vito will not empty their bank account on MoT test day.

Click here to see the Mercedes-Benz Vito's MoT file


Nissan Navara– 79.0% MoT pass rate

By 2014 the Nissan Navara was on the verge of being replaced with an all-new version. However, despite getting on in terms of age, the Navara remains a strong performer at the MoT test. Indeed, models having their first ever MoT boast an average pass rate of 79 per cent, with exceptionally low failures rates on lighting and electrical equipment.

Click here to see the Nissan Navara's MoT file


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 78.9% MoT pass rate

The big Mercedes impresses with consistently high pass rates across the board with almost eight out of 10 passing the MoT at the first time of asking. The Sprinter does have poorer score when it comes to suspension, but this probably has more to do with the fact that some drivers overload their vans rather than an inherent problem with the vehicle itself.

Click here to see the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's MoT file


Mitsubishi L200 – 78.5% MoT pass rate

It might not match the pass rates of its pick-up rivals, but the L200 does - on average - perform 11 per cent better than average when it comes to the first MoT. Importantly, suspension failures are 50 per cent better than other 2014 pick-ups while a rear fog light issue is the only real blot on its otherwise impressive MoT report card.

Click here to see the Mitsubishi L200's MoT file


Volkswagen T5 Transporter – 78.4% MoT pass rate

Another German van and another high MoT score. This time it’s the T5 Transporter, with its 78.4 per cent pass rate providing proof that premium panel vans are sometimes worth paying that little bit extra for. Tyre problems are rare for Transporter drivers, with Volkswagen’s pass rate being almost 30 per cent higher than average for a three-year-old van.

Click here to see the Volkswagen Transporter's MoT file


Ford Transit Connect – 78.3% MoT pass rate

The Transit Connect is a great all-rounder with its car-like interior, low running costs and practical load area making it popular with builders. Ford’s status is strengthened by some excellent MoT scores, with the Connect performing 10 per cent better than average. Lighting, suspension and brakes all get high marks, with only tyre wear - 42 per cent worse than other 2014 vans - being the only blot on the otherwise excellent MoT report card.

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