Toyota Hiace (2007 – 2012) Review

Toyota Hiace (2007 – 2012) At A Glance


+Better fuel economy than the previous version, easy to drive, very dependable.

-Not the most modern or stylish van you can buy, dated interior.

Throughout its history, the Toyota Hiace has been a dependable, reliable business tool for many. It may lack some of the styling flair and dynamic ability of certain rivals, but it’s very good at transporting people and goods with minimum fuss.

This 2007 model Hiace wasn't strictly all-new, rather it was a heavily revised and restyled version of the van that had been on sale in the UK since 2001. There were plenty of changes though not least a much bolder look with big headlights plus big improvements to cabin comfort.

New features included a redesigned four-spoke steering wheel, giving a more car-like feel, plus a silver finish to the central instrument cluster. More contemporary seat fabrics were introduced along with a premium audio line up, including a standard audio system with CD player that can play MP3 files stored on disc. For the first time the Hiace was also available with the option of DVD full-map touchscreen satellite navigation.

Under the bonnet, Toyota upgraded the 2.5-litre D-4D common rail diesel engine, giving stronger performance, better fuel efficiency and improved emissions. Power from the entry-level engine increased to 95PS with torque boosted from 192Nm to 230Nm.

There's plenty of choice with both short and long wheelbase version of the standard panel van, with respective gross vehicle weights of 2.8 and 3.0 tonnes. The Hiace can also be specified with either a rear lift door, or swing-out doors that open to 180 degrees. The short wheelbase model is designed to offer enough space to carry two Euro pallets, having a load length of 2335mm. On long wheelbase versions, this measurement increases to 2780mm.

A final flourish for the Hiace took place in 2009 when air conditioning became standard across all models. This makes a later Hiace a good bet for anyone who spends time stuck in sticky, hot city streets on a regular basis. The same update also brought new cloth upholstery for the seats, electric windows and more sound-proofing for the cabin to tackle that lingering niggle of a noisy cab. There was also an extra interior light for the load area. The Hiace went off sale in the UK in 2012 and was replaced with the Toyota ProAce - essentially a rebadged version of the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert.

Ask Honest John

What is the best used van for £7000?

"What is the best van to buy? I have £7000 give or take and want cheep insurance and tax, reliable and low cost repairs. Not sure what make to go for but it's for private use."
If you're looking for a van to use privately with your budget, then we'd consider a late 2000s Volkswagen Transporter. They hold their value better than models such as the Ford Transit and Vauxhall Vivaro, and are more upmarket and comfortable to drive, with a decent reliability record. If you're not too fussed about image, another great van for private use would be a Toyota HiAce of a similar vintage, again because they are exceptionally reliable and good to drive.
Answered by Craig Cheetham

How can I find out the history of an imported car?

"I have a Toyota Hiace which was registered in the UK in 2004 and converted into a campervan. I am told this is an import. How do I find out where it was imported from and what was the history of the van before it was imported? I would like to know when it was manufactured and where. "
This is basically 'Jap Scrap', a victim of Japanese 'Shaken' vehicle testing regulations that makes it uneconomic to repair a lot of cars when they reach certain ages. It will have been sent to an auction, bid for (possibly by an agent of a UK specialist such as Algy's Autos), then imported to the UK, put through ESVA and registered. I don't think you stand much chance of establishing its history.
Answered by Honest John

Is there a seven-seater better than the SEAT Alhambra for towing a trailer?

"We have four children aged 17-22, all tall, and a budget of about £30,000. We want a car for travelling long distances with six of us plus luggage (some in a top box and some in the trailer). Is there anything better than the Seat Alhambra? We're after practicality and comfort and don't need off-road capability."
The SEAT Alhambra and Volkswagen Sharan are slightly bigger than the Ford Galaxy. However, rather than a top box and trailer, you could consider a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life, or, much better still, the excellent new Citroen Space Tourer, Peugeot Traveller or equivalent Toyota HiAce:
Answered by Honest John

Toyota Hiace - why has the engine management light come on?

"My Toyota Hiace van has the engine management warning light on. It has also gone into 'limp mode' permanently. The code fault has been read as "fuel pressure regulator fault", however I have taken it to three garages and non of them know how to fix it. I have searched online and can find no information on what this could be. I contacted Toyota but they seemed not to know what it could be which didn't fill me with confidence given their hourly cost. The warning light comes on from ignition and stays on, the only time it cleared was when I had to replace the batteries where it was okay for a couple of hours driving up the M1 but returned as soon as the ignition was put back on after a stop on the motorway. Any help would be very gratefully received as I really don't know what to do now."
So what fault code/s did you actually get from the diagnostic. should be P ---- ( 4 numbers) Reason for this is that " limp mode can be caused by any one of the many sensors fitted)
Answered by Alan Ross
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