Toyota Hilux (2005 – 2015) Review

Toyota Hilux (2005 – 2015) At A Glance


+Tight turning circle for a pick-up, good quality and strong cabin build, double Cab has seating for three in the back.

-Engines are strong but often need to be worked hard, firm ride especially when running light, Interior trim of new models don’t wear as well as earlier Hilux models.

The Toyota Hilux is as much a byword for pick-up trucks as the Ford Transit is for panel vans. This has come about by the Hilux seemingly having been on sale since Noah needed to nip down to the timber merchant’s, but it’s also based on unerring reliability and rugged construction.

The current, and sixth, generation of Hilux continues these traditions and comes in the expected single cab, Extra Cab with additional rear sets and the more spacious Double Cab for crews. With more sumptuous interior fittings and comfort, the top spec Double Cab models are also popular with leisure users for towing.

With payloads in the pick-up bed ranging from 860kg to 1100kg, the Hilux can cope with most needs. It can also tow up to 2500kg with a braked trailer, so it’s ideal for pulling a horsebox or trailer, though some might find this limit too low to allow for safe limits.

There’s no faulting the engines in the Hilux, though. They come in turbodiesel 2.5-litre and 3.0-litre forms with bags of power, smooth delivery and affordable running costs. The Hilux also comes with selectable four-wheel drive for all versions sold in the UK.


Used Buying Guide - Toyota Hilux

The toughest toy in town, or anywhere else, the Toyota’s Hilux has an invincible reputation, with strong engines and reliability. But what should you look out for when buying used?  

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Ask Honest John

What would make our pick-up pull to the left?

"My '09 plate Toyota Hilux seems to pull slightly to the left. I've had the tracking checked twice at our local tyre shop and they tell me its fine - which means the check was free - so they're not making money. I trust the place as we've been there for years. We do a little off road work for gun dog trials across grassy fields and woodland tracks etc. All very lightweight for the vehicles capabilities. Could there be something else out of adjustment?"
Wheel alignment is the first thing to try if a vehicle is not tracking straight, but there could be other factors causing the problem. Worn tyres or unbalanced wheels, worn suspension components or play in the steering mechanism could contribute to pulling to one side, so these are things you could also look into. Although you have used your local tyre shop for some time, it may be worth getting a second opinion. Four-wheel laser alignment is more expensive, but it could be worth this up front cost to rule out alignment before trying other potential causes.
Answered by David Ross

What's the most reliable pick-up truck in the UK?

"I need your advice on the most reliable pick-up truck. What model would you recommend?"
The Toyota Hilux is the best for reliability in my opinion. Toyota always performs strongly in our annual Satisfaction Index, too. You can find all of Hilux reviews and used buying guides, here:
Answered by Dan Powell

Need a reliable 4x4 that isn't afraid of mud

"I live in a rural location where the roads are rather rough and can be quite muddy. It is an eight-mile drive to the nearest town. If ever there was a need for a 4x4 it's here. Can you make a suggestion - I have £10,000ish to spend and need something rugged and reliable."
A Subaru Forester could be a good option. They're very capable in challenging conditions and also tend to be very reliable. The challenge might be finding one... they don't sell in huge numbers and people tend to hang onto them. If you need something that's more of a workhorse, we'd recommend a pick-up truck like a Toyota Hilux.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Could you recommend me a powerful, off-road vehicle?

"I'm a sheep shearer and I'm struggling to identify the right vehicle that meets my needs: • Room for all my shearing equipment (stand, toolboxes, motor, 5ft sq. wooden board...) • I do quite a few miles visiting over 200 farms a year but all within one hour of our house • Often visit farms and shear at places with no road so 4x4 capability is preferable • Need to be able to tow a trailer full of building materials e.g. sand, cement, gravel etc. • Where I live is hilly, so it needs some power to get up the hills. I currently have a 4x4 Renault Kangoo that is on its last legs. Currently considering a pick-up (probably Toyota Hilux but not sure which year), a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Land Rover Defender. Budget around £8000. I'd really welcome any advice you could offer. Thank you!"
The Toyota Hilux would be my recommendation: it's brilliant off-road and has a strong reputation for reliability. The 2.5-litre turbodiesel is the best engine in the range. It has lower fuel costs, compared to the 3.0-litre, and delivers its 343Nm of torque much lower down the range (at 2800rpm) which makes it better suited for hilly terrain. For our Toyota Hilux review and used buying guide, see:
Answered by Dan Powell
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