Mercedes-Benz Citan scores three stars in latest NCAP tests

The new Mercedes-Benz Citan Kombi has scored three stars in the latest round of Euro NCAP tests. The organisation, which has revolutionised vehicle safety during the past 20 years, says that the Renault Kangoo-based medium sized van/MPV 'fails to shine in a market segment poorly equipped for safety.'

The Citan raised concerns primarily for passenger safety. In the test, it had weaknesses inside - the dashboard was a hazard to the knees and femurs of occupants. Dummy readings of chest compression indicated marginal protection of the driver's chest, also. However, the side curtain airbag did not deploy as intended, getting caught on the upper seat belt anchorage point, and the car was penalised. The same thing happened with the curtain airbag in the side pole test.

The European spec model was also marked down for lacking as standard a number of safety systems. But Mercedes-Benz commented, 'It's important to remember that Citan commercial vehicle meets all legislative safety standards in every market in which it's sold. In the UK the vehicle is fitted with advanced safety systems as standard, including load-adaptive Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Brake Assist and ABS and a driver's airbag with the option of specifying a further three airbags.'

The spokesman also added: 'The safety of anyone travelling in a Mercedes-Benz is always our main concern. We are working closely with our technology partners at Renault to rectify the issues raised by this test, specifically around the performance of the curtain airbags.'

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Xander Nicaise    on 26 April 2013

The dashboard in a Mercedes Citan is identical to that of Renault Kangoo and so is the structure. The Kangoo having undergone the very same of crash tests some years ago, Merc' must have been aware of the probability of this outcome.

A lesser car manufacturer might have further ruined this car's already mediocre fuel economy in an effort to stiffen the structure. Thankfully Mercedes, realising that a van is first and foremost meant to be a workhorse, resisted that temptation.

At least now it isn't just the budget brands that are refusing to yield to the tyranny of NCAP! .

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