Vauxhall previews all-new Vivaro

Published 18 March 2014

Vauxhall has unveiled the next generation Vivaro. The new van will go on sale in the summer 2014 and feature new turbo diesel engines, improved cargo/occupant space and updated styling. Prices are still to be confirmed, but expect entry level models to start at £18,000. 

Available in a range of body styles and colours, the Vivaro panel van will be customisable with either a medium or long wheel base and medium or high roof line. Vauxhall will also offer a double cab and combi options, for those who want to sacrifice load space for seating.

At launch, there will be two diesels on offer: a 1.6 CDTi and 1.6 BiTurbo CDTi, with the latter getting sequential turbocharging and a twin-cooler system. Vauxhall is remaining tight lipped over fuel economy, but the 1.6 BiTurbo is expected to return an impressive 47mpg.

The new Vivaro will be visually different from the outgoing model, with a large, prominent grille, distinctive headlamps and LED headlights. Entry level models will get plastic bumpers, grille and side mirrors, while Sportive trim will add body coloured bumpers, mouldings and chrome grille. 



Christian    on 22 March 2014

I thought the transit was ugly until I saw this. It looks like a bad Chinese copy of a van. What a disappointment. Shame the renault version isn't like the one in the teaser images put out a few weeks ago as that would have been a handsome machine. I'll run my current vivaro for a little longer in the hope somebody else can design and produce something worthy of my cash

MrScothern1 .    on 23 March 2014

a van is a box on wheels . Its not a fastion statement as cars are .

Christian    on 23 March 2014

I disagree. my van reflects the high value design orientated service I offer and if were to rock up in a pig ugly vehicle which hadn't been washed and was covered in dents and scrapes it would reflect poorly on me. Like the saying goes..."you are what you drive".

Here's hoping citroen's current van in development ends up looking something like the tubik concept.

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