Ford expands Transit range

Ford has expanded the Transit range, with updated bodystyles, four-wheel drive and a new extra-long wheelbase. The new Ford Transit models extend the range to an impressive 450 variants and order books are now open. 

The Transit range updates include a new double chassis cab model, with space for up to seven people thanks to the extra-long extended L5 wheelbase, with an overall length of 7797mm.

As a result, the complete Transit Chassis Cab line-up now offers five different lengths for the single cab (L1-L5) and four for the double cab (L2-L5), with gross vehicle weight ranging from 3.1 to 4.7 tonnes. 


The double-cab Transit can also be ordered as a panel van, which again will accommodate up to seven people with standard four-person second-row seating, along with a secured load area. Three different body configurations are offered, from the medium wheelbase L2 with medium roof, to the extended long wheelbase L4 H3 model with high roof which provides more than 10.5m3 of cargo space.

Ford has also launched the AWD Transit, which employs the same four-wheel drive system as the previous generation model. However, the new AWD Transit features a number of upgrades over its predecessor, with improved traction in low friction conditions and a new AWD Lock mode for maximum traction in heavy snow or mud.

The AWD Transit also gets full integration with the standard electronic stability control and traction control systems, which should provide better handling in corners and on challenging surfaces, like muddy tracks or uneven roads.

For towing applications, the 350 HD and 470 GVM models offer impressive braked towing mass of 3.5 tonnes and gross train mass of 7.0 tonnes.