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10 things you should know about the new Volkswagen Caddy

The new Volkswagen Caddy van has been unveiled at a glitzy ceremony at its factory in Poznan, Poland. As a result, we got to spend some time with the new model to find out what makes it different and better than the old Caddy.

Click through the gallery below to find the 10 things you should know about the new Volkswagen Caddy.

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It’s not really a ‘new’ van

The fourth-generation Volkswagen Caddy might be billed as ‘all-new’, but delve into the technical specs and you’ll discover that it’s actually based on the same platform as the previous Caddy. This is by no means a bad thing – the previous van was excellent – but we were hoping for something more radical in regards to the design and load area. However, as the old saying goes, ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it’.


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