Essential knowledge: The Volkswagen T6 Transporter

Volkswagen has revealed the new T6 Transporter van, with new engines, improved economy and uprated safety kit. HonestJohn Vans got unrestricted access to the new T6 at its launch in Amsterdam.

Click through the gallery below to get the complete lowdown on the new Transporter van. 

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It’s an evolution of the T5 Transporter

Anyone expecting a radically different Volkswagen van will be sorely disappointed. The T6 Transporter is essentially a heavily revised version of the T5 van, using the same platform, load area and body.

This is somewhat understandable as the T5 model was a huge success for Volkswagen, selling 1.7 million vans since 2003 and setting new benchmarks for handling and refinement. However, some of the innovations from the Tristar concept are missing, so there's no sliding tray storage, 20-inch tablet or video conferencing system. 


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