Volkswagen emissions scandal: Which vans are affected?

With Volkswagen in the midst of a mass recall as a result of the EA189 diesel engine emissions scandal, the attention has now turned to its commercial vehicle line-up and the 79,838 vehicles affected by the so-called ‘cheat device’.

From January 2016, Volkswagen will recall some vans and pick-ups that use the EA189 diesel engines. This includes both 2.0 and 1.6-litre TDIs, but doesn't affect all models or those built before 2009.

Click through the gallery below to see if your van is one of those affected. 

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Volkswagen Caddy

All EU5 versions of the Volkswagen Caddy are affected by the emissions scandal. This covers both 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDIs, and includes BlueMotion versions too. To make matters worse, the scandal coincides with the launch of the new, fourth-generation Caddy, which was supposed to feature EU5 engines. However, since the news broke, Volkswagen has halted all EU5 Caddy sales, which effectively pushes the starting price up for the new van from £17,182 to a whopping £19,546. 

Volkswagen Amarok

Most Amaroks will not be affected by the emissions issue, despite the fact that most use the same EA189 diesel engine that's at the centre of the scandal. However, Volkswagen concedes that some models produced before 2012 might be affected. Owners can check by entering their VIN number via the Volkswagen check page on its website, found here.


Although current EU5 Crafter models -and those dating back to 2009 - use the same EA189 diesel engine, they do not use software for optimising emissions. As a result no Crafter vans will be recalled. 


Neither the T5 or new T6 Volkswagen Transporter is affected by the emissions scandal. According to reports, many of the older models use the same EA189 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine that's at the centre of the media storm, but no Transporter vans were ever fitted with the software for optimising emissions.