Mercedes-Benz unveils X-Class camper van

Mercedes-Benz could be on the verge of expanding its camper van range after it revealed a series of X-Class camper concepts at the Caravan, Motor, Touristik show in Stuttgart, which takes place from 13 – 21 January 2018.

The first concept (pictured above) has been created in conjunction with campervan bodybuilder specialist Tischer. There are no pictures of the interior, but the X-Class Tischer could provide snug sleeping quarters for up to four adults.

The main sleeping area, located in an alcove above the cab, stretches 1.5 metres wide and two metres high while a second double bed is created by folding three seats in the makeshift living quarters. A three-burner gas stove, wash basin and connection for a shower and toilet are also included.

The second concept (pictured below) has been developed with VanEssa mobilcamping and modifies the X-Class by adding a complete pull-out kitchen. Weighing around 250kg, the unit features a cool box, gas hob cooker and washing-up facilities. There are also storage drawers and cupboards for crockery and food. The load compartment is covered with treated teak wood and will - VanEssa claims - provide waterproof protection for the kitchen when stored in the load bay of the X-Class. Special pneumatic struts allow the cover to be propped up at an angle of 45 degrees and VanEssa can also supply a roof tent with rear-facing entrance.

At this concept stage, it isn't clear if either of these X-Class camper ideas will make it into full production; however, following the success of the Marco Polo, Mercedes-Benz is thought to be keen to expand its camper range in 2018.