Nissan Navara Dark Sky concept features new towing tech

Nissan has revealed a concept version of the Navara badged the Dark Sky. Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (because why not...), the Dark Sky concept features a bespoke trailer which houses a high performance telescope.

To cater for the trailer, Nissan has upgraded its ProPILOT driver assistance technology. By combining the firm's intelligent cruise control and steering assist tech, the Navara Dark Sky can maintain the distance with the car in front while keeping the truck and trailer centred during single-lane driving - even on twisty roads.

The around-view monitor gives a bird's-eye-view monitor of both the Navara and trailer, while blind spot warning has been upgraded to highlight objects in blind spots within the trailer range.

02_nissan _navara _black _sky

The Dark Sky's intelligent towing hitch alignment will take control of steering, acceleration, braking and shifting so that it can automatically line up with a trailer for easy hookup.

Portable batteries similar to those that power the Leaf electric car are also used in the modified Navara. These act as a generator, supplying power to laptop station and eight radar units.

The batteries also power the temperature-controlled trailer, which keeps the PlaneWave telescope at its optimal operating temperature.

Although the Dark Sky is just a concept and won't be available to customers, we can expect to see the upgraded technology introduced to Nissan's commercial vehicles in the future.