Toyota Corolla hybrid van confirmed for 2022

Published 31 August 2021

Toyota has unveiled the Corolla Commercial Hybrid Van. The new car-based van will go on sale in 2022 with prices expected to start in the region of £22,000 before VAT. 

The new Toyota van is based on the Corolla Touring Sports estate car, with the rear seats removed and replaced with a flat load area. Like the passenger car, the Corolla van will be built in the UK at Toyota's Burnaston plant in Derbyshire.

Toyota says there is high demand for hybrid vans and the Corolla Commercial is powered by a 1.8-litre petrol hybrid system that will recover lost energy under braking and store it in a lithium-ion battery pack that is stored under the vehicle floor.

The battery will power the vehicle at low speeds with electricity and help the 1.8 hybrid system return an official 55.3 – 62.7mpg

FSP_Toyota _Corolla _Van _010

Performance and load-carrying capacities are still to be confirmed but Toyota claims the new Corolla van will be capable of towing up to 750kg. The loadspace will measure more than two metres in length and 1.4 metres wide. 

Mark Roden, Toyota operations director, said: “With its full hybrid powertrain, Corolla Commercial will give customers an exceptionally versatile vehicle that can be driven with zero emissions and fuel consumption during short urban runs while also giving the freedom to make longer journeys without the need for battery recharging.

"Toyota’s hybrid technology has well-proven reliability and delivers day-to-day savings on running costs with its fuel efficiency. It’s a unique addition to the Toyota Professional range and the wider LCV market and we’re confident will attract strong interest.” 

FSP_Toyota _Corolla _Van _022 (2)


Mr Martin R Wilson    on 3 September 2021

Looks like a stealth van as there is no place for proper commercial signage as they have kept the rear doors and blackened/darkened the windows. You sort of wonder if people wouldn't be better off just buying the estate and configuring it as a van with the seats down and then you have the option of taking passengers occasionally.

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