Canoo sets its sights on UK market

A brand-new range of US-built electric vans has made its UK debut at the CV Show 2024.

Canoo is an American manufacturer with a factory and headquarters in California and describes its electric vans as ‘Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles’, with futuristic ‘pod’ styling and a range of body styles including short and medium wheelbase vans and a pick-up.

The battery-powered vehicles come with a choice of 200 and 350PS electric motors, with an 80kWh battery pack and projected range of up to 217 miles, depending on body type.

The UK market is a key part of Canoo’s expansion plans, as it already produces right-hand-drive vehicles for the US Postal Service, where the postal worker exits the van from the kerbside.

Further details on pricing and Canoo’s expansion in the UK are expected this summer, along with an announcement on how the vans will be sold and marketed.

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