Citroen Berlingo (2008–2018)

What's good

Load space is generous in both L1 and L2 models, and the load bay easily configured to different needs.

Opening roof flap adds to versatility, allowing ladders and longer loads to be fitted in at an angle and secured more safely. The optional folding passenger seat offers more practicality too.

Comfortable ride and nimble handling of Berlingo makes it a good choice for those who spend longer periods in the driving seat.

Strong diesel engines. The lower powered 75PS diesel is ideal for town work thanks to its strong low-end push, but for motorways the 90PS is the better bet thanks to its deeper reserves of power.

What's bad

Recall 25-03-2009: Left-hand seat belt may not work properly.

Recall 03-04-2009: Rear damper may become insecure.

Recall 20-01-2009: Tailgate may not operate correctly.

Recall 03-02-2010: Passenger airbag may not operate correctly.

Recall 04-09-2008: Roof flap may detach due to defective hinge.

Recall  20-7-2016 AIRBAG MAY INCORRECTLY DEPLOY. On affected vehicles the driver's air bag inflation device may not conform to specification. As a result may not deploy correctly during an impact. Replace the driver's air bag module on affected vehicles. Build dates: 26-4-2016 to 2-5-2016. VINS: VF3******GZ023603 to VF3******GJ676851

Lower power diesel engine only really suited to town work and struggles on the motorway or on steeper inclines.

Oil service intervals at 12,500 miles is shorter than many rivals, meaning more downtime.

Optional third front seat is cramped for centre passenger and pinches elbow room from driver when trying to change gear.

1.6 HDi can have EGR, turbo, DPF and DMF problems.

Fuse box is prone to water ingress.

Locks are prone to breaking.

11-7-2017: Report of dog teeth on 5th gear assembly breaking up on a 2004/63 Citroen Berlingo. Requires a complete transmission rebuild.

30-5-2019: Report of turbo failure in 2010 Peugeot Partner Teepee (same as Berlingo) 1.6HDI DV6 TED4 engine. The Peugeot/Citroen warranty fix (when done properly) is not just a replacement turbo, but a revised turbo lubrication system with larger feed and return pipes and a higher capacity oil pump. The common out-of-warranty repair is just a new turbo and feed pipe (of original design) because this is about half the cost of the proper fix. The 'cheap' fix will work, but only with regular oil changes and always letting the turbo cool by idling to ensure a flow of fresh oil through the bearing before switching off.

2-10-2019: Report of engine faults with 35k mile 2016 Citroen Berlingo 1.6HDI EGS. Diesel emission was the first and straight after that was fixed the AdBlue injector is now indicating a problem. Local dealer seems to be struggling to get to the root of the problem. Last time owner paid £300 for a replacement pressure sensor and related pipe plus an extra hour's work to update the EMS software to the latest version. A fill with 15 litres of AdBlue solved the problem.

What does a Citroen Berlingo (2008 – 2018) cost?