Citroen Berlingo First (2002–2011)

What's good

Great value for a compact van that offers decent space and comfort.

Practical load bay can cope easily with a Euro pallet or loads of up to 600kg.

Well equipped cab offers decent amount of standard kit and plenty of storage options.

The 1.6-litre HDi turbodiesel engine is a keen performance and suits the Berlingo First’s comfortable ride and decent driving manners.

What's bad

Recall 16-05-2005: The airbag control unit may underestimate the severity of an impact and affect airbag deployment.

Recall 13-07-2005: Suspension spring may break.

Recall 03-07-2008: Faulty electrical component may affect wipers, lights and battery charging.

Recall 08-06-2009: Left-hand seat belt may become detached in a collision.

Recall 03-07-2009: Spare wheel carrier heat shield may become detached.

Recall 09-10-2009: Rear shock absorber may become detached.

Recall 01-12-2010: Rear tailgate strut’s ball supports may fail and prevent tailgate from closing.

Recall 09-09-2010: Passenger airbag may not deploy due to incorrect wiring.

Recall 11-10-2010: Roof flap may detach.

The driver’s seat could do with more lower back support for longer stints at the wheel.

Refinement is not as good as more modern rivals, especially at higher speeds in the diesel model.

On HDi engines, the rubber cushioned timing belt pulley needs replacing at same time as timing belt (60k - 70k miles) otherwise it can separate.

Problem with Siemens ECU/injection system on HDi engnes (no problem with Bosch ECU/injection system).

Oil starvation to turbo of 1.6 HDi is a common problem because the oil supply pipe is easily blocked.

Airbag prone to failure because connecting cables rub and chafe on steering column. Airbag warning light on is an MoT failure. May be expensively misdiagnosed as needing new airbag ECU.

22-5-2019: Report of 113,000 mile 2004 Citroen Berlingo Desire diesel losing power and juddering with black smoke from the exhaust.

What does a Citroen Berlingo First (2002 – 2011) cost?