Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2008–2018)

Model History

January 2008

Second-generation Berlingo Multispace launched

New Berlingo van and Multispace revealed, on same floorpan as Peugeot 308 and launched at Vigo. In UK from June 2008.

4,380mm long x 2,110mm wide (1,810 mirrors folded) x 1,800mm high. Panel van kerb weight 1,411kg - 1,430kg. Payload up to 850 kg. Original Berlingo continues as 'Berlingo First'.

The new Berlingo van has a maximum load capacity of 3.3m3 and a payload of 850kg. Load area length of 1.8m. Outer Multi-Flex sear cantilever folds down low to allow carrying or loads up to 3m. Multi-Flex passenger seat also allows three people to sit in the front which is the first time this option has been available in the small panel van segment. Load volume 3.3 to 3.7 m3. Maximum load width 1,620mm. Width between wheel arches 1,230mm.

Bigger, stronger and with hugely improved crash protection (massively strong around rear load aperture). Thanks to use of the Peugeot 308 power train, the new Berlingo benefits from improved acoustic comfort, combined with an ergonomic driving position and excellent visibility. This all combines to give the new Berlingo a level of quality which will symbolise this new generation of small panel vans. Twin sliding side doors optional on vans.

New Berlingo Leisure MPV represents the next generation of a concept invented by Peugeot/Citroen in 1996. Berlingo Multispace II is a multi-usage vehicle which is practical with a modern and original style both on the inside and out. Has new Zenith multi-purpose roof providing even more light into the passenger compartment, three individual folding and removable rear seats, greater interior space and driving qualities worthy of a modern hatchback car. Twin sliding side doors. Total capacity with seats removed 3,000 litres.

Load volume beneath parcel shelf 675 litres, to roof in rear 1,350 litres, to roof rear seats all removed 3,000 litres. Alternative multifunctional roof with overhead storage compartments. Rear aperture with doors open 1,114mm high x 1,250mm wide.

Engines are 1.6 16v petrol with 66kW/90HP or 80kW/110HP (195g/km CO2); or 1.6 HDI with 55kW/75HP, 66kW/90HP or 80kW/110HP (147 - 150g/km CO2). 5-speed manual transmission. ABS, EBD, EBA all standard. ESP optional. Up to 6 airbags. Manual or automatic air condtioning.

New Berlingo van is available with a choice of three engines – a new 1.6i petrol engine and two 1.6HDi diesels. All three engines have five speed gear boxes. For dual fuel conversion, new Berlingo is offered with a 90hp (66kW) 1.6i 16V petrol engine. This new unit has good low-speed torque characteristics (132Nm @ 2,500rpm) and develops its peak power of 90hp at 5,500rpm. The proven 1.6HDi engine is offered in both 75hp (55kW) and 90hp (66kW) formats. The 75hp diesel develops its 185Nm peak torque at 1,750rpm, while the 90hp 1.6HDi has an even more impressive peak torque rating of 215Nm at 1,750rpm.

Both versions of the 1.6HDi engine fitted to the new Berlingo can be operated on up to 30 per cent bio diesel without any technical modification or loss of warranty. In addition to their high levels of fuel efficiency, all three power units offered in the new Berlingo have long service intervals. Both diesel engines have 12,500 miles or two year service intervals, while the petrol engine has 20,000 miles or two-year service intervals. Other maintenance reducing features of new Berlingo include a new, extended life cam belt for the 1.6HDi engine, which only requires changing every 150,000 miles or 10 years.

New Berlingo Van – range and prices

  • Berlingo 1.6i 16V 90 L1 625 X £10,395 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 75 L1 625 X £10,995 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L1 625 X £11,395 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6i 16V 90 L1 625 LX £10,865 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 75 L1 625 LX £11,465 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L1 625 LX £11,865 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L2 750 X £12,195 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L2 750 LX £12,465 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L1 850 X £11,565 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 L1 850 LX £12,035 + VAT + delivery
  • Berlingo 1.6HDi 90 Platform Cab £11,325 + VAT + delivery

Berlingo II Multispace offered with 90PS and 110PS 1.6i petrol engines and 1.6HDIs with 75PS, 90PS and 110PS.

  • Berlingo II Multispace VT 1.6i 90PS £10,995
  • Berlingo II Multispace VT 1.6HDi 75PS £11,455
  • Berlingo II Multispace VT 1.6HDi 90PS £11,905
  • Berlingo II Multispace VTR 1.6i 90PS £11,465
  • Berlingo II Multispace VTR 1.6i 110PS £11,915
  • Berlingo II Multispace VTR 1.6HDi 75PS £11,925
  • Berlingo II Multispace VTR 1.6HDi 90PS £12,375
  • Berlingo II Multispace XTR 1.6i 110PS £13,165 (from Sep 2008)
  • Berlingo II Multispace XTR 1.6HDi 90PS £13,625
  • Berlingo II Multispace XTR 1.6HDi 110PS £14,625

Berlingo Multispace 1.6HDi XTR voted UK’s best value Towcar in Caravan Club 2009 Towcar of the Year Awards. Beat off competition from Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot and Skoda to win in the sub-£16000 category.

October 2008

LPG version offered by NME

Nicholson McLaren Engines (NME) 1.6i Dual Fuel petrol/lpg van on sale from october 2008 from £9,845 + VAT. Technically advanced and very reliable NME dual fuel conversion fitted to the Citroën Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel van already proven in 2,000 Nemo and Berlingo First Dual Fuel vans. Berlingo conversion includes a 59 litre LPG tank mounted in place of the spare wheel, with LPG filler mounted alongside the petrol filler and under the standard fuel filler flap. Berlingo 1.6i Dual Fuel vans have the same performance characteristics as the petrol engined vehicle and meet both the new European standard R115 and the existing European standard R6701 and is fully European On Board Diagnosis (EOBD)-compliant.

The Citroën Ready to Run Dual Fuelvans all deliver major fuel cost savings and meet Powershift Band 4 emissions standards and are thus exempt from London Congestion Charge Zone charge, giving additional savings of up to £1,696 p.a. The range now consists of:-

* Berlingo First 1.4i Dual Fuel van priced at £7,995 + VAT
* New Berlingo X 1.6i Dual Fuel van priced at £9,845 + VAT
* New Berlingo LX 1.6i Dual Fuel van priced at £10,245 + VAT

Berlingo L2 van announced 19-11-2008, paving the way for the 7 seater Berlingo Multispace. Extra 250mm of load deck length behind rear wheels and an extra 0.4cu.m load volume. Other features of the new Berlingo L2 are the standard fitment of twin side load doors and the capability – in the L2 LX model – of carrying long lengths of up to 3.25m flat on the floor. All Berlingo L2 vans are fitted with Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking systems as standard.

Priced from £12,395 + VAT + delivery, the new Berlingo L2 is available in both X and LX versions. Both models are powered by Citroën’s fuel efficient 1.6HDi 90hp engine and have a 750kg payload. The Berlingo L2’s main load compartment has a 3.7cu.m capacity (0.4cu.m greater than that of the Berlingo L1). Berlingo L2 LX models, with their Extenso dual passenger seat folded, can provide up to 4.1cu.m load volume and the capability of carrying long lengths such as pipe, conduit or wood of up to 3.25m flat on the floor.

Berlingo L2 dimensions

  • Internal load length: 2050mm (3250mm with LX’s Extenso passenger seat folded)
  • Width between wheel arches: 1230mm
  • Interior load compartment height: 1250mm
  • Load space volume: 3.7cu.m (4.1cu.m with LX’s Extenso passenger seat folded)
  • Payload: 750kg
  • Load compartment features: N/S & O/S sliding side load doors standard

January 2009

Seating extended

Seven-seat option added to range. Priced at just £800, the new ‘Family Pack’ option is available on VTR models fitted with the 1.6i 110hp and 1.6HDi 90hp engines. The package offers 3 individual, foldable and removable middle row seats and two additional back row seats, completing its seven seat capacity. And unlike its rivals the seven-seat Multispace features lateral airbags for the protection of rear passengers as well as a luggage cover, for when the boot is in use, and a handy 12V socket are also included.

With a total of five, completely independent, removable rear seats, the Berlingo Multispace becomes even more adaptable than ever, allowing users to customise their cabin as they like. The Multispace still offers a vast array of storage compartments, retaining a 100-litre boot space with all seven seats in situ, which can be expanded to 470-litres with the two rearmost seats folded down, and a whopping 650-litres with all five rear seats folded.

19-06-2009: Citroën Berlingo range further expanded From 1st July with five-seat Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van, which meets all HM Revenue & Customs requirements for a van and is therefore VAT-reclaimable. The new Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van offers a unique combination of up to five seats, a 716kg payload, exceptional 1,320/1,805mm load length and a class-leading 2.4/3.35cu.m load compartment.

A key feature of this versatile new van is its innovative sliding/folding rear seat and bulkhead design, which offers the optimum combination of passenger safety and load compartment volume. The Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van has a separate driver’s and front passenger’s seat and a folding, three-seat rear bench, which incorporates a full-height metal bulkhead with a mesh upper section.

With the rear seat in use, the bulkhead separates the five-seat crew compartment from a 1,320mm long, 2.4cu.m capacity load compartment. If the Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van is operated as a two-seater, catches are released on the rear seat to allow the seat back to be folded forward through approximately 180 degrees to a vertical position behind the front seats, with the seat base folding up against it. At the same time, the bulkhead, which is attached to the seat back, automatically slides forward on runners to lock into position behind the front seats. In this position, the bulkhead separates the driver and front passenger from the increased 3.35cu.m volume, 1,805mm long load compartment.

Standard equipment on the Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van includes unglazed twin sliding, side load doors and unglazed asymmetric side-hinged rear doors. The Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van has central locking, electric front windows and head restraints, plus three-point inertia reel seatbelts on all five seats. The standard specification also includes Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking system – unique in this LCV sector.

Priced from just £13,565 + VAT + delivery, the Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van is powered by a fuel efficient 1.6HDi 90hp engine. Subject to the normal HM Revenue & Customs conditions applicable to this type of commercial vehicle, VAT is reclaimable on the Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van.

New Berlingo 725 L2 Crew Van: Features & Dimensions

  • 3-seat folding rear bench complete with three-point inertia reel seatbelts and sliding full-height rear bulkhead
  • Internal load length: Rear seats up: 1,320mm; rear seats folded: 1,805mm
  • Load space volume: Rear seats up: 2.4cu.m; Rear seats folded 3.35cu.m
  • Width between wheel arches: 1230mm
  • Interior load compartment height: 1250mm
  • Payload: 716kg
  • Load compartment features: Nearside & offside sliding side load doors

July 2009

Citroën introduced a new Berlingo XTR+

With enhanced off-road capability. Based on the L1 625 1.6HDi 90HP LX van, the new Berlingo XTR+ adds a sophisticated limited-slip differential, raised, heavy duty suspension and revised steering geometry, comprehensive under-body protection and 15” steel wheels with Michelin Synchrone 4x4 195/65 R15 tyres.

With these additional features, the new Berlingo XTR+ provides the greatly increased off-road capability but, thanks to its two wheel drive configuration, without the higher capital cost, weight and running costs associated with four wheel drive vehicles.

The new Berlingo XTR+’s sophisticated multi-plate, limited-slip differential deals with slippery off-road conditions by automatically apportioning up to 75 per cent of the engine’s torque between the two driving wheels. This ability to automatically transfer - without any input from the driver - the majority of the available torque from the driving wheel with the least grip, to that with the most grip, provides the Berlingo XTR+ with its greatly enhanced off-road performance.

To complement its improved off-road capability the Berlingo XTR+ also increases ground clearance by 30mm over the standard Berlingo van. This is achieved by the use of heavy duty suspension and 15” Michelin Synchrone 4x4 195/65 R15 tyres, which also provide the optimum combination of both off and on road grip.

The new Berlingo XTR+ also has heavy duty metal sump protection and two longitudinal metal skid plates protecting other under-body components, such as brake and fuel lines. This comprehensive under-body package provides the new model with a level of protection commensurate with its off-road capability. The Berlingo XTR+ is now available, priced from just £14,160 + VAT+ delivery.

17-10-2009: Romahone R25 Motorhome launched on Berlingo II chassis with 90PS 1.6HDI engine from £29,995 on the road. Two wardrobes and four overhead lockers. Flexibility in bed layout and option to have two three point safety belts in the back, increasing the versatility for owners. Usable every day as a car. Option of a wet room with upgraded fresh and grey water tanks (increased from 34 litres each to 70 litres), a removable shower tray, and vanity locker with mirror. The R25 already contains a cassette toilet compartment. Hot water and blown air heating systems are also in the standard specification, there’s a 60 litre fridge / freeze. Optional retractable built in bike rack. Morer at

08-01-2010: Berlingo Blaze wheelchair version launched Citroen and GM Coachwork have combined to produce the new Berlingo Blaze compact wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). The new Berlingo Blaze is available in two formats - driver, plus wheelchair passenger and two other passengers, or driver plus wheelchair passenger and three other passengers. Key to the unique abilities of the Berlingo Blaze, is its low floor conversion of the rear compartment, which not only provides generous rear headroom of 1,372mm (4ft 6in), but also a very shallow angle for the fold-out, non-slip surfaced light alloy ramp. The lowered rear floor compartment also provides the width necessary to accommodate a range of full-size wheelchairs.

As standard, the Berlingo Blaze is supplied with a single Citroën folding rear seat for one passenger, enabling the wheelchair passenger to be carried alongside. Or, as an option, GM Coachwork will provide two custom-made rear passenger seats - allowing the wheelchair passenger to be carried centrally.

The Berlingo Blaze, based on the Berlingo Multispace 1.6i VT, is available priced from £13,995 (for Motability customers - £495 advance payment and full Motability allowance), while the Berlingo Multispace 1.6HDi XTR based model is priced from £15,995 (or for Motability customers - £1,195 advance payment and full Motability allowance). All models have a three year, 60,000 mile warranty.

July 2011

Range extended

Now apparently available with 1.6 HDi 90 and 6-speed EGS automated manual box.

02-02-12: Citroen Berlingo Multispace facelifted Berlingo Multispace received new styling and equipment upgrades. With a UK ‘on sale’ date of 2 April, 2012, these MPVs are now even more aesthetically and economically attractive to buyers, bringing the models in line with the contemporary Citroën range.

Having sold more than 1.4 million examples worldwide since its launch in 1996, the Berlingo Multispace continues to be one of the leaders for practicality in the family car segment.

Among the styling upgrades, the new Berlingo Multispace gains a wider, more defined grille, a new chevron badge and a new headlight arrangement. The indicators, for example, are now to the side of the main light units and are underlined by blue segments for an even stronger personality. The lower part of the grille can be fitted with static cornering lights integrated with the fog lights and LEDs provide an eye-catching daytime lighting signature.

The model’s side mirrors have been updated with a more aerodynamic design, helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2emissions. New ‘Airflow’ wheel embellishers are also available to help improve fuel and CO2efficiency.

A ‘Black Pack’ is introduced, with customised Onyx Black trim on the top of the front bumper, side mirrors, side rubbing strips and rear number plate moulding. Inside the cabin, colours and materials have been revised on all levels of trim for a more contemporary feel. New Berlingo Multispace is also available with two new body colours, Nocciola and Belle Ile Blue.

One of the most robust, practical and spacious models in its segment, Berlingo Multispace can be specified with up to seven independent seats. The model’s generous interior dimensions can be fitted with the Modutop®, a Citroën design inspired by the world of aviation, which combines a glazed roof with multiple stowage compartments, a dual access boot, individually controlled ventilation and additional lighting for passengers in the rear. The Modutop® integrated boot is easily accessible, with a rear window that can be opened from the outside for easy loading.

The new Berlingo Multispace is available with a range of efficient engines and gearbox options, including Citroën’s e-HDi micro-hybrid powertrain with Stop & Start and a six-speed automated manual gearbox - e-HDi 90 Airdream EGS6 versions deliver CO 2 emissions of just 125g/km.

On five-seat versions, the HDi 75 and HDi 90 models now deliver reduced emissions - 135g/km down from 139g/km - thanks in part to the aerodynamic upgrades. The HDi 110 engine is upgraded to HDi 115, providing extra performance and comes with 6-speed manual transmission.

HDi 75 manual 135g/km
HDi 90 manual 135g/km
e-HDi 90 Airdream EGS6 125g/km
HDi 115 manual 139g/km
VTi 95 manual 164g/km

In the UK, the 2nd generation Berlingo Multispace is available with three core trim levels, VT, VTR and XTR. The XTR versions are designed for more adventurous families and feature raised suspension (+10mm), a skid plate beneath the car, Grip Control, M&S tyres and a special body pack.

November 2016

Citroen Berlingo Multispace now available with 1.2 Puretech 110 engine from £13,250.

January 2017

Haynes Manual available for Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner 2008 - 2016: Models covered are: Citroen Berlingo Multispace & Van (B9 or II model range) with 1.6 litre (1560cc) turbo-diesel engine and Peugeot Partner Teepee & Van (B9 or II model range) with 1.6 litre (1560cc) turbo-diesel engine. Price £22.99. Buy direct:

What does a Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2008 – 2018) cost?