Citroen Dispatch (2016–)

What's good

New engines will return up to 53mpg.

Payload has been increased to 1400kg.

2.5 tonne towing capacity

What's bad

Automatic gearbox restricted to two engine variants.

No high-roof option.

03-01-2018: R/2018/002: ENGINE COMPONENT MAY NOT BE TO SPECIFICATION. An engine component may not be to specification which could result in loss of engine performance. This may lead to the engine stalling and potentially causing an engine failure. In very unlikely circumstances the vehicle speed may increase without warning but will stop on its own after a few seconds. Fix: On affected vehicles carry out a functional diagnostic check of the engine. If necessary replace the engine. VINs: VF7******HZ089288 to VF7******HZ092275; VF7******HZ089288 to VF7******HZ092275. Build dates: 02-10-2017 to 30-11-2017.

What does a Citroen Dispatch (2016) cost?