Citroen Nemo (2008–2017)

What's good

Small on the outside, large on the inside, the Citroen Nemo is a compact van that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on carrying capacity.

The load lay is large enough to carry a Euro pallet between the wheelarches with some space to spare. Low load sill height also makes Nemo very practical.

Comfort and storage in the cabin are good, while robust build and supple ride from the suspension also makes it a good choice.

Handling of the Nemo is a big plus and it’s also very agile in town and on twisty roads. Easy to slot through traffic and a doddle to park thanks to light steering and tight turning circle.

What's bad

Recall 05-11-2010: Engine may fail due to incorrect machining of crankshaft causes insufficient lubrication.

Recall 22-02-2012: Rear crossmember may crack if suspension is repeatedly extended to maximum travel.

Recall 14-11-2012: Engine may fail due to con-rod bearings not being properly manufactured.

Both engines feel out of their depth when you venture beyond the city limits and on to the motorway. They also become very noisy at higher speeds, causing fatigue on longer trips.

The EGS electronic gearbox is too slow and dull in its responses to be a real alternative to the standard five-speed manual gearbox or the more traditional automatic gearboxes offered in some rivals.

No ESP is an omission from the Nemo’s spec sheet that is become more glaring as time moves on and more vans now offer this vital safety aid as standard.

'Which?' magazine condemned the Nemo not fitted with ESP as prone to rolling over in a comparison test against a FIAT Qubo fitted with ESP which did not roll over on the same tight bend.

Front suspension top bearing failure becoming common on Qubo, Nemo and Bipper.

Front Suspension Top Bearing Failure becoming common.

Report that 2009 Peugeot Bipper failed MoT at 18,991 miles in 2012, needing new front brake discs and pads. Then in 2013 failed again at 25,924 miles because both front strut top bearingsd had partially seized. These parts took more than 14 days to arrive.

17-12-2019: Hesitation from Dualogic semi automatic transmission of similar Peugeot Bipper diesel used for short runs cured by a Forte diesel fuel additive and running on Shell diesel V-Power. Did not need a new actuator.

What does a Citroen Nemo (2008 – 2017) cost?