Citroen Nemo Multispace (2009–2015)

What's good

Cheap to buy and run

Versatile and decently equipped

Neatly styled

Lots of headroom in the back

What's bad

Taller drivers will find the front seats cramped.

Lacks refinement.

1.4-litre petrol is sluggish.

25-7-2017: Report of problems with automated manual transmission of Citroen Nemo: "gears are going bang, enough to cause whiplash when it's sudden. there's a bing, then it shows, check transmission, bang and the front wheels spin, enough to cause smoke." 

17-12-2019: Hesitation from Dualogic semi automatic transmission of similar Peugeot Bipper diesel used for short runs cured by a Forte diesel fuel additive and running on Shell diesel V-Power. Did not need a new actuator.

What does a Citroen Nemo Multispace (2009 – 2015) cost?