Fiat Doblo Cargo (2010–)

What's good

Large load area and generous payload capacities wrapped up in a body that is still compact for tight street.

Punchy turbodiesel engines offer a good balance of performance and economy, as well as decently low emissions.

Superbly comfortable ride thanks to ingenious rear suspension design that also minimises intrusion into the load space.

FIAT Doblo 1.6 Multijet diesel vans and MPVs have a regen light to show the driver when the DPF is actively regenerating.

What's bad

1.4-litre petrol engine feels sluggish and offers mediocre performance and economy. Five-speed automatic gearbox has slow-witted changes.

Standard trim levels could be more generous and the Doblo should come with ESP as standard.

Reports of DPF problems on diesel vans that cover fewer than 15-miles per journey. 

Recall 20-08-2010: Anti-roll bar may not be made to required standard and cause noise or vehicle instability.

Recall 26-08-2011: Where fitted, passenger airbag may deploy unintentionally.

Recall 14-03-2012: Brackets securing the body to the chassis not made to specification and may fail.

Recall 07-12-2012: Brake servo pipe may fail and require extra effort to at pedal to stop vehicle.

What does a Fiat Doblo Cargo (2010) cost?