Fiat Punto Van (2007–2014)

What's good

Good looking small van with plenty of luxury and safety kit included.

Excellent range of petrol and diesel engines, and all bar one model has stop-start as standard.

Drives very well with both petrol and diesel models offering superb fuel economy and low emissions.

What's bad

Recall 18-08-2008: Heater and climate control wiring abrasion may cause a short circuit.

Recall 14-12-2009: Upper steering shaft bolt may not be correctly tightened, resulting in noise and possible failure of steering.

Recall 01-10-2010: Wrong airbag may deploy in an accident due to a software fault.

Recall 28-03-2011: Risk of fire as ABS anti-lock braking wiring may become trapped and expose the wiring.

Recall 07-12-2012: A connector on the brake servo may fail and cause a loss of braking.

Tailgate limits access to the load space and the load volume is limited.

Large drop from load sill to the load floor, which is a pain when lifting heavier items in and out.

Start/stop function missing from the entry-level mode.


What does a Fiat Punto Van (2007 – 2014) cost?