Fiat Scudo (2007–2016)

What's good

Reasonably compact exterior size doesn’t stop the Scudo from offering plenty of carry capacity.

There’s lots of versatility in the Scudo range thanks to two different wheelbase choices, two roof heights and two interior lengths. There are also panel, combi, minibus and chassis cab options.

Punchy 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines make the Scudo nippy and frugal, with the 130PS 2.0-litre bettering the 1.6-litre diesel in every respect.

What's bad

Recall 5-10-2005: Poor routing of the brake vacuum servo supply pipe can result in damage.

Recall 13-08-2007: Steering swivel joint may be of incorrect size and cause noise over bumps.

Recall 09-01-2009: Accelerator may stick as rotation pin might not have been correctly inserted.

Recall 04-06-2010: Rear brake linings may become contaminated with water.

Recall 08-10-2010: Reduced braking efficiency due to faulty brake linkage rod.

Recall 06-05-2011: Fuel return pipe may leak on 2.0 JTD engine.

Recall 07-10-2011: Power steering may fail due to wiring rubbing on wheelarch.

Recall 19-03-2012: Rear suspension may fail on rear right-hand side.

Recall 23-09-2016: Airbag may deploy incorrectly (affecting vans built from 02-05-2016 to 27-07-2016).

Passenger space in the cabin is not as good as it should be, particularly for the third passenger in the middle who suffers from the gear lever surround poking into his knee.

ESP is only standard on the very top spec models when it should be fitted across the range of Scudo vans.

1.6-litre diesel feels strained and out of its comfort zone when taken beyond the city limits.

Fuel tank lifter pump prone to breaking up.

Same problem as Citroen Dispatch/Peugeot Expert of water dripping onto timing belt and corroding the metal strengtheing in the belt. Can get a protective drip tray for about £30. 


What does a Fiat Scudo (2007 – 2016) cost?