Ford Fiesta Van (2009–2013)

What's good

The Ford Fiesta van is brilliant to drive thanks to its agile handling, super steering and supple ride.

Strong engine range is at its best with the Econetic that combines performance and efficiency.

Load bay is on a par with the best in this class and offers more room between the wheelarches than most.

What's bad

Recall 12-12-2011: Fumes may enter the cabin as a blanking plug on the exhaust may not be correctly tightened.

Recall 28-02-2012: Rear suspension bolts may shear and allow rear axle to become loose.

The tailgate doesn’t provide as much easy access as we’d like to see, betraying its passenger car roots.

Next to much of its competitors, the Fiesta van cannot handle as heft a maximum payload as some.


What does a Ford Fiesta Van (2009 – 2013) cost?