Ford Tourneo Connect (2014–2023)

What's good

Five Star Euro NCAP crash safety rating. Adult occupant safety 94%, child occupant 85%, pedestrian safety 62% and safety assist 70%.

One of the most attractive van conversions on the market.

Large and practical.

Rides well on poor roads and is also fun to drive.

Great value for money.

What's bad

Boxy looks won't appeal to all.

Not the most exciting drive. 

24-5-2017: Reader points out that the Tourneo Connect is crying out for a higher seat. He is 6 ft 1" and finds that his line of vision is below the centre line of the window. Lots of room above his head. The seat height can be raised, but when it is the squab tilts forwards uncomfortably. Reader had to have it modified by his local garage. Also, passengers in the rear find it difficult to start sliding the rear side doors shut.

30-5-2017: TSB issued for a repair to panoramic sunroofs when fitted to Ford Tourneo Connects.

28-6-2017: Report that 1.0, 1.5 and 1.6 petrol engines have been disontinued in the Ford Transit Connect.

25-10-2017: Report that stop/start in a 2016 Ford Tourneo Connect 1.5 TDCi 120 does not operate. At the car's first annual service in May, Trust Ford advised that the battery was showing only a 50% state of charge. The car was then kept in for an overnight charge afterwhich the Stop-Start worked correctly for a month or two but has not done so since. Another visit to Trust Ford failed to find the cause of the problem and so it is booked in once again. Owner says he got into conversation with an electrician who runs a 2016 Transit Connect 1.5 TDCi 120 van. He said that his stop/start did not work despite his usage including 300 mile round trips from North London to Worcester. Owner initially thought that his car might have a dodgy alternator, but now thinks therwe is a general software issue restricting the alternator from fully charging the battery.

9-3-2018: Service action recall letter generated in South Africa for 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 EcoBoost. "Urgent Recall Engine coolant system..If driven without sufficient coolant could result in engine cylinder head overheating. May cause cylinder head to crack allowing oil to leak on to a hot surface that could result in potential fire in engine compartment."  

8-5-2018: UK Focus 1.6 Ecoboost owner received a letter from Ford (dated 9th March) on 22nd March stating "Urgent Action Required" and booked car in for work to be done on 18th April - the earliest date they could offer. Subsequently the Ford dealer cancelled the appointment on instructions from Ford because the modification had caused software problems and required further development. They will initiate recall when Ford notify them. The Ford letter stated: "A number of Kuga, Focus, C-Max and Transit Connect vehicles have been produced which, if driven without sufficient coolant, may result in the engine cylinder head overheating. The overheating may cause the cylinder head to crack allowing oil to leak on to a hot surface that could result in a potential fire risk in the engine compartment."

1-10-2018: Ford announced that it will be fitting new 1.0 Ecoboost engines to the 1,000 out-of-warranty Fiesta, Focus and Tourneo Connect models the company had previously refused to re-engine when the engines failed due to loss of coolant (some cars for a 2nd time). 600,000 1.0 EcoBoosts have been produced. 44,000 have had their turbo-to-expansion tank degas pipes replaced as a TSB 'service action'. But 2,000 suffered actual engine failure. Of these, 1,000 have had their engines replaced free of charge, but the other 1,000 had not. Ford rectified this situation on 1-10-2018. Ford's website carries details to encourage outstanding owners who have experienced an issue to get in touch ( With any future cases, subject to being assessed and linked to potential 1.0-litre engine overheating, Ford will contribute 100% of the cost of repair at a Ford dealer.  Furthermore, we will re-examine previous cases to ensure that this policy of a 100% contribution to the repair cost is applied consistently.  

27-7-2022: 2018 Tourneo Connect suffers second automatic gearbox failure. Van is used as a private hire vehicle. It appears that maintenance before the owner bought it wasn't great, the auto 'box failed at 102,000 miles with no record of gearbox oil changes up to then. Ford dealer replaced the box (costing £4.5k) and its had oil changes at 38,000 and 76,000. It recently failed at 83,000 miles, 16 months after installation.

22-11-2022: Report of cam belt failure on 2020 Ford Transit Connect 1.5 diesel after 106,000 miles. 

What does a Ford Tourneo Connect (2014 – 2023) cost?