Ford Transit (2006–2014)

What's good

Superb in-cab refinement.

Tight turning circle.

Wide choice of shapes and sizes.

Good to drive.

Smooth engine and gearbox.

Choice of front, rear and all-wheel drive.

What's bad

Load bay is not as big as some rivals.

Curious that speed limiter can be switched off.

Some interior plastics feel flimsy.

Problems with belt cam 2.2 diesel engines belt tensioner failing at 1,400 miles onwards.

Rough idling is usually caused by the EGR valve sticking open. An ECU remap does not solve the problem as the AA states. You can still drive the van but to fix it, remove and set to closed, blank off or replace.

Two reports the same week (a particularly cold week) of emulsification of engine oil in the later 2.2 litre chain cam diesel engine.

Apparently fuel pressure relief valve failure is common. To change the pressure relief valve, sensor and fuel pump regulator costs £173.42 plus labour of £154.00. A total £327.42 plus VAT. 

A common problem with the Transit 2.2 Duratorq engine is that the crankshaft pulley is held together with compound that eventually fails. A particular problem with Transit based campers and motorhomes that only do small mileages. One failed at 26k miles on a 2007, then again 39k miles. Most 2007 Transit vans will by now have been scrapped.

7-6-2019: Report of timing chain failure in 2.2TDCI engine of 2011 Ford Transit at 90,000 miles. Put down to plain wear and tear. Van had been serviced annually at 8k-10k miles a year.

What does a Ford Transit (2006 – 2014) cost?