Ford Transit (2014–)

What's good

Excellent to drive with better handling and impressive refinement.

2.2 TDCi diesel engine is punchy yet quiet with better economy than previously.

More vertical body sides mean a more user-friendly load space.

Bulkhead as standard on all models with a window available as an extra.

Impressive cabin has plenty of car-like style and feels upmarket with no exposed paintwork.

Comes with integrated rear bumper step as standard on all models.

More than 450 model variants.

What's bad

The largest model has a loadspace of 15.1m3 but rival vans offer more. The largest Volkswagen Crafter can carry 17m3.

19-10-2018: Report of timing chain stretching and slipping in 2.2 diesel engine of 2014 Transit Custom van at 44,678 miles.

8-2-2018: Report of repeated battery problems with 2018 Ford Transit Custom. Needed to be jump started 4 times over the past 4 weeks.

13-3-2019: Report of injector problems with 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engine, with reader's van losing power and going into limp mode.

05-4-2019: Report of injector problems with 2.2 TDCI engine. Despite new injectors and software update, owner reports inconsistent performance and increased fuel consumption.

20-7-2019: Reader bought a brand new Transit 350 in Dec 2018 and spent several thousand pounds having it fitted out as a mobile workshop for his business. The van has now been back with the dealer for 6 weeks having work carried out under the warranty. The dealer is still waiting for parts, which are on back order. Owner supplied with smaller van to use, but is unable to carry out his work without his fully equipped vehicle. Rightly seeks compensation for consequential loss of earnings.

23-9-2019: Ford EcoBlue Injector statement: "An issue has arisen with certain diesel fuel injectors supplied by a third party for the 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine. Ford has been working with its supplier to secure additional injectors and, when sufficient stocks are available, intend to work with dealers to update customers’ vehicles not yet exhibiting issues in such a way as will minimise operating downtime. Ford is increasing the size of its commercial vehicle courtesy fleet significantly to support customers affected by the diesel engine fuel injector issue. Ford realises that vehicle repairs are inconvenient to all customers, but especially for commercial vehicle operators where they can be disruptive to their business. While Ford will support all customers affected by this issue, Ford aims to assist our customers as soon as possible who experience issues in order to minimize downtime and impact on their business. Transit, Transit Custom and Ranger customers will be prioritised including providing suitable courtesy vehicles where possible."

7-10-2019: Report of problems with 2018 Chasson Motorhome on Ford Transit chassis. During the first week of owning it the hand brake failed and a Ford dealer fixed it under the Ford warranty (see 23-9-2019 above). A few weeks later the injectors had to be replaced by Ford. This involved cancelling a holiday. Owner complainedx to Ford, who offered her free 2, 4 and 6 year services which she accepted. In August 2019 the dual mass flywheel failed. Ford replaced it and the injectors again under warranty, another cancelled holiday. Owner's solicitor wrote to Ford but Ford would not extend the warranty further or give any compensation.

What does a Ford Transit (2014) cost?