Ford Transit Connect (2002–2014)

What's good

Great to drive thanks to supple suspension that delivers a smooth ride and fine handling balance. Transit Connect also has fine steering feel.

Range of 1.8-litre turbodiesel engines are strong and smooth, offering good economy and emissions. All have a diesel particulate filter included.

Large load area can deal with two Euro pallets and there’s a choice of short and long wheelbase models.

Comfortable and spacious cabin is well made and comes with easy to read instruments and large buttons for minor controls.

Plenty of standard safety equipment is included as standard, covering ESP, traction control and Hill Launch Assist.

What's bad

Recall 25-11-2004: Faulty airbag wiring means the wrong side airbag could deploy in an accident.

Recall 09-04-2007: Wheel nuts may crack due to incorrect heat treatment during manufacture.

Ford should fit a passenger and side airbags as standard to the Transit Connect to bring its safety credentials right up to date.

Only a five-speed manual gearbox is on offer when there should be a six-speeder and automatic transmissions.

Problem with rear axles of 2011 Transit Connect leading to excessive wear to the outer edges of the rear tyres. Replacement axles in short supply, but Ford is replacing axles and excessively worn tyres free of charge.

25-4-2017: Timing belt failed on 2010 Ford Transit Connect 1.8TDCI at 7 years old and 115,000 miles. (Ford schedules a belt change at 10 years old and 150,000 miles. We recommend 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first.)



What does a Ford Transit Connect (2002 – 2014) cost?