Hyundai i800 (2008–2022)

What's good

Can seat eight in comfort.

Good value for money.

Caravan Club’s best towcar in £16,000 to £20,000 category in Towcar of the Year Awards 2009. Judges impressed with the eight seat capacity and luggage space. Rear-wheel drive and strong engine give confident towing. 

What's bad

2-9-2015: Engine of 2009 i800 suffered piston through block at 35,000 miles and less than 6 years old. Full service history. Car registered 9/2009 and it is a 2,497CC Diesel. Engine number D4CB 8414626. Apparently chain cam driven oil pump failed.

23-7-2017: Report that SCR AdBlue system on Hyundai i800 has an inaccurate gauge for the quantity of AdBlue remaining. When the gauge shows 1/4 full the tank may in fact be dry and the engine will not start. Hyundai is working on a fix but meanwhile owners and drivers are advised not to let the AdBlue level fall below 1/2 a tank on the gauge.

26-12-2018: AdBlue consumption of new WLTP compliant Hyundai i800 2.2 R-Type diesel reported as 3,000 miles per tankfull.

4-1-2019: Report of timing chain of 2008 Hyundai i800 2.5 failing at 120,000 miles. Vehicle has been serviced by Halfords.

What does a Hyundai i800 (2008 – 2022) cost?