Isuzu Rodeo (2003–2011)

What's good

An advantage for dog owners is that the tailgate drops down lower than other pick-ups.

Easy to live with and has plenty of saloon car touches to work as a family car.

Feels well made and cabin has a strong, hard-wearing finish.

Not restricted to 50mph on two lane roads and 60mph on dual carriageways (can do 60mph on two lane roads and 70mph on dual carriageways).

What's bad

Recall 31-10-2007: Front brakes may fail due to fault in brake master cylinder.

Underslung spares prone to theft. K-Lok spare wheel lock £37.50 with DIY fitting instructions.

Poor performance in 2008 NCAP test. Only one star for adult protection. Two stars for child protection and one star for pedestrian protection. The first time ladder framed pick-ups had been tested by NCAP and the tests might not reflect what would happen when the truck his a 'softer' car.

Rattle when engine has warmed up that goes when declutched might signify the start of clutch/flywheel problems.

Very sparse underside protection so check for surface rust and chassis rust and consider treatment and wax protection.

Feels very outdated next to its contemporary rivals and poor refinement. 

11-5-2019: Water leak into 2005 Isuzu D-Max/Rodeo 3.0 double-cab finally traced to a poor assembly weld under the rear window.

What does a Isuzu Rodeo (2003 – 2011) cost?