Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2006–2013)

What's good

Quality of cabin materials puts the Sprinter in a class above most rivals, which helps with comfort and durability

Cabin comfort is one of the Sprinter’s biggest assets thanks to well shaped seats, excellent refinement and supple suspension. It’s also good to drive and economical.

Variety of load configurations means the Sprinter is easy to tailor to your needs direct from the factory. There is also an automatic gearbox option to give buyers further choice.

What's bad

Expensive to buy initially, the Sprinter’s prices can put off some buyers who may not have considered whole life costs.

The load space not quite as big as some rivals’ with the Sprinter, which shows the basic design of this van is beginning to age.

Fleece filter within the engine of 2007 Sprinters can become blocked and this causes the engine oil to be expelled through the dipstick hole (even though the dipstick is in place) leaving the engine to seize. This was a TSB not a VOSA recall so if the van has been independently serviced then the TSB will not have got through to the owner and the corrective work will not have been done.

What does a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2006 – 2013) cost?