Mercedes-Benz V-Class (2015–)

Model History

January 2014

New Mercedes-Benz V-Class is revealed

The new V-Class, which comes to the UK in early 2015, combines room for up to eight people with high-class appeal.

It is available with an Exterior Sports package and an Interior Design package, two wheelbases offering two lengths up to 5370 millimetres, two engines and also many optional extras.

The seating in the rear allows numerous configurations. As standard, the MPV is equipped with four individual luxury seats with armrests in two seat rows. They can be folded forward to afford fast and easy access to the rear. An optional folding table can be installed between the individual seats in the first row.

As an alternative to the individual seats, a two-passenger bench seat with two-piece, individually folding backrest, or a three-passenger bench seat with two-piece seat cushion and three-piece backrest is available for both rear rows. The outer right-hand seat of the three-seater bench can be folded forward or taken out separately. The entire bench can be folded up to create space for large items of luggage.

For overnight accommodation in the V-Class, the rearmost row also can be equipped with a three-passenger bench seat as a comfort berth. Drawers are located underneath the berth, which can also be used as a second loading level. Cargo also can be stowed under all other bench seats. All bench seats and the individual seats are fitted with integrated three-point safety belts.

The V-Class features a separately opening rear windscreen attached to the upper tailgate frame. It can be opened and closed independently of the tailgate.

At market launch the new V-Class comes to the starting line with the 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with two-stage turbocharging and which has been enhanced specifically for the MPV. It is available in two power output levels: The V220 CDI has 163PS and 380Nm with fuel consumption of 49.6mpg and CO2emissions of 149g/km.

The V250 BlueTEC engine has a power output of 190PS and peak torque of 440Nm, plus as much pulling power and agility as the previous 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel engine.

Official fuel consumption is 46mpg the four-cylinder turbodiesel runs on 28 per cent less fuel than the six-cylinder while offering identical performance. Thanks to BlueTEC the top-of-the-range model is also the first vehicle in the segment to comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard. The V 250 BlueTEC is equipped as standard with the 7G-Troninc Plus.

What does a Mercedes-Benz V-Class (2015) cost?