MINI Clubvan (2012–2014)

What's good

Plus points are the performance of the Cooper models, excellent steering, gearchange and brakes, which all have a superbly-engineered feel.

The interior, which does have one or two known quality issues, certainly still feels solid and well made.

What's bad

There's no escaping the fact that, premium option or not, the MINI Clubvan is an expensive van for what it offers, especially in the areas of loadspace and payload. You'll also need to ask yourself a lot of searching questions about how cool you want your business to look.

When optioned up, the Clubvan's sticker price can look eye-wateringly high. We'd like to see a MINI First-based entry-level model on steel wheels offered for less than £10,000.

If you're buying as a fashion statement, bear in mind that the next-generation MINI is due to hit the market in 2014, although the new Clubvan is not expected to arrive with the first wave. Just be aware that it might start looking a little old before its time.

Solid-feeling interior won't be as hard-wearing as more traditional LCVs.

What does a MINI Clubvan (2012 – 2014) cost?