Nissan NT400 (2007–)

What's good

Superb build quality and strength of materials means the Cabstar last and lasts.

Tight turning circle and light steering allows the Nissan to park and manoeuvre where other vans are left struggling.

The engine line-up offers strong performance and reliability coupled to gearboxes with a light and easy shift action.

What's bad

Recall 16-05-2007: Seat anchorage may not be secure causing front passenger not to be properly restrained in the event of an accident.

Recall 29-05-2007: Rear wheel bearing could fail due to being over-tightened at the factory.

Recall 07-01-2008: Engine may stall because the crankshaft position sensor wiring harness may have been incorrectly routed and come into contact with the blades of the cooling fan.

Recall 12-12-2009: Possible loss of steering function due to the lower steering column becoming disconnected.

The engines are noisy at anything above a gentle canter and make the cab of the Nissan too rowdy for long distance comfort.

When running light, the suspension is often found to be too bouncy and means the Cabstar is not as good to drive as many more sophisticated rivals.

While the off the shelf load bay options are good, there is not a straightforward panel van in the Cabstar range and that limits its appeal to many in this market.

27-6-2019: Complaint of 4 - 6 week lead time for replacement brake calipers and wheel hub seals on a 2015 Nissan Cabstar.

18-8-2019: Complaint of numerous problems with 13 year old 2006 Nissan Cabstar 35/10 bought used from a truck dealer. "Recent repairs have included a new fuel pump, ignition aerial, ignition barrel and ECU. The truck has broken down 4 times with the same apparent fault and each time the garage claim it is rectified, it has broken down within two weeks of being delivered back to me. The last occasion was 2nd August this year. So far repairs alone have cost £3,000.

What does a Nissan NT400 (2007) cost?